2020 Colt Python Review

2020 Colt Python Review - The trigger was very smooth and broke at 7 pounds in double-action mode and 3 pounds in single-action. The orange ramp in front of the sight was easy to pick up and stood out well in the background for a complete picture of the sight.

Another great review Bob! I find the .357 Mag to be the most versatile of any, while you can shoot lower power ammo, especially if you decide to use .38 Special ammo, 899 ft lbs ME (180 gr Buffalo 19L) and 907 ft lbs ME (180 gr Buffalo 19L).

2020 Colt Python Review

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. lbs of ME (180 gr Buffalo 19L ) . (158 gr PPU). I have a 6.5″ Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag, and when I shoot long mags at night it shoots about 8=10 inches of flare out of the barrel.

Range Time

And this is a decent kick even with a heavy gun. So, when you shoot high powered mags the kick with this short barrel and rifle is light? Maybe as a youngster, I was a better shooter visually.

Or I shoot longer ranges more often than most rifles. Maybe I should reload the Wadcutter with a revolver as opposed to a S&W Model 52. Good bad question. I bet I Python hammered it 20,000 times, easily, and put it back.

Live again hundreds of times, it was not a problem, why fixed? I haven't seen the gun yet, but the hammer looks small in the pictures, if so, supwifdt? I bought a handful that I could handle, I picked them up on January 6th.

Failure to fire half the time (light primer strikes). I spent two hours on hold with Colt before I got a live person on the line and they promised an RMA that never came. It was about three months ago.

The New Colt Python

Since then I have been busy and haven't had time to fight it. I tested the final shock with three different Pythons and compared them to several Pythons, including a 4″ rifle. The results of all the shots and the best results put a gun-nerd smile on my face.

I left Vietnam in January of 72 and at the end of January I bought my first 6″ blue python and I still have it today and all I can say is that the python is the greatest gun I have ever owned.

The only thing is you can't find a new one anywhere and the double price is crazy I think the 1499.00 is worth the price but try to find it impossible and it would be a friggin joke if they only made 2500 6″ pythons.

Same you want a python that's going to be 3000 period that's a real bomb they don't seem like the lucky ones who get these guns and test them a colt wants to ramp up python production this isn't going to happen real if us moderate.

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I admired Python in the early 80s, but it is too expensive for me. I bought the SW 629 5″ in 1985 to join a hog hunt in western North Carolina and have loved it ever since.

Our Team Said: We liked the DA trigger, though we felt the SA trigger pull could have been better. The laminated wood grip allowed the use of an accelerator and felt better during recoil on a heavier gun than the 4.25-inch variant.

The price of this handgun is significantly lower than the original and in our opinion, the 2020 handgun is worth the money by any stretch. I tested the new Python alongside the original Python. The single trigger on that gun weighed 4lbs 8.2oz and the double action weighed 9lb 2.7oz.

There is no doubt that the new trigger is better in every way. Along with the potential variety of Korth guns, the new Python has the best trigger design on the market right now. I have an original Colt double action .357 Magnum, a new service with a 7.5 inch barrel, several official police revolvers, an original Python, a new Python, and I usually carry a 1956 Colt Cobra.

You have to understand the action and resist it. One day the light goes out of your head and you realize how beautiful this part is. The new 6-inch Colt Python is perhaps the best Python Colt has ever produced.

In fact, it may be the best revolver. No, it's the best shot ever. If you've been dying to get your hands on the new Colt Python, you won't be disappointed in your investment. Customization * * * * * I did not expect high marks in this category.

But the ability to swap front sights with classic Python grips as well as rear sight compatibility give this revolver a leg up on the competition. pwrserge, finish? You might think semi-auto pistols are some kind of new tech.

Double action revolvers and semi-auto pistols were produced at the same time. You know, 100 years ago he started. If you don't have a revolver then your gun battery has a serious hole. While the small frame may be suitable for concealed carry situations, its functionality is not.

Of course it depends on the situation, but revolvers usually only have 5 or 6 shots in the cylinder. The Colt Python has six. Thanks for the review; I hope someone will do a side by side comparison: fit and finish on the original.

I'd throw myself any day to pass up a used 1979 4” Blue Python for $300 in favor of another 4” 686 for $330. The Smith was great, but it's not selling for $450 right now.

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As for the new models, as Colt offers a blue 4” full polish model, I am all over it, but I already have enough spears. The cutouts above the ribs were once called "vents" by Colt.

They are not wind. For decades various Colt catalogs explained that they were for weight loss or heat dissipation. However, I tried another method, and measured the end-to-end wobble by just .002″. Considering my experience with the King Cobra and how I've seen the Pythons stack up during this review, I'm not worried about end-to-end vibration increasing to unacceptable levels anytime soon.

I got two new Pythons to test this case and, of course, both had excellent (perhaps excellent) results. The single-action pull is a bullseye shooter's dream. With the hammer cocked, the shooter increases pressure to less than 3 lbs.

Nothing disturbs the sights - no movement is heard from the gun. Rest is clean enough - very sweet. But the double-action effect is also impressive. Here, the back stroke is very smooth, without stacking pressure and without bumps, bumps or squeaks.

Shooting casually in double-action mode, I found the two new Pythons to be as good as any Python I've ever fired, and better than most of them. Will have to work a little harder with magnum loads to see if the action retains its gun feel.

I really like the system and hope it holds its top edge. This new Python was a good idea but as soon as it was launched, many customers started complaining that it was not 100% like the old one.

I felt that their anger was too much and it was pointless. I agree that most gun owners have no technical skills and probably need the gun to fit a new grip. The real problem is that new snakes are sold and resold on gunbrokers etc in record time.

Their prices are seen to be equal to or higher than old Python prices - they will be - or they will soon go higher. Owners of ancient snakes are lucky. Lucky they have newer versions - but please - stop whining about them.

I promised to find one. Meanwhile, I picked up a few older models as possible replacements but they never had the same feel or accuracy. Finally, they were priced out of my reach and I dropped the idea until Colt came to me.

As with anything, there are pros and cons. When a prospect creates something you want, it's either as big as you imagined or it's not. Here are some pros and cons of the 6-inch Colt Python.

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However, the price has deterred many hunters; That, and a reputation for not being very strong. Even during the IPSC competition era, there weren't many people who owned .357 Magnums that could shoot a steady feed of .357 Magnum-level ammo with both hands.

Most shooters put a box of magnums through their revolvers once a year. If they fired a lot, it's likely that the gun in question was more sensitive to .38 Special ammo. .38s cost less and hit your hand less.

When you say surface, do you mean the finish, or the material, or its shape? I will assume you mean body shape. I'm also going to guess that from a design standpoint, this system was easier to build than the old system.

I had similar results with the Colt King Cobra target model. Then, as now, I concluded that this is what the gun was designed for and wanted to hold. I always thought the loss of accuracy due to cylinder jump was a myth until I saw these results with two completely different Colt revolvers in the same caliber.

The next step was surprisingly un-colt. The company canceled AutoCAD and started developing the new Python. I want Colt to call it that—"the new python," I mean. We will, for a long time to come, have to go through the "who is starting?"

The trend of "New Python or New Python" is to distinguish new raw material created in the 21st century from raw material created "in the past". While the availability and cost of ammunition in the plague has significantly reduced my shooting;

I timed out Python and just reloaded some. With the exception of 2 rounds that did not rise properly and would not exit the cylinder, single-action, double-action, rapid-fire, etc., there were no failures with this revolver.

I shot my 4.25 into a python yesterday; 148 grain lead fence cutter and 125 grain SWC both using unique and small pistol primers. Fired one of my new Colt Cobras. He might. Regular shooting from Cobra 125. I had no problem with Python.

Very accurate with all loads, the Fence Cutter is a lot of fun to shoot. It is good to shoot both single and double action. I've shot a few .357 HP through it. It is true but not good in retrospect.

I had no problem carrying it would look for ergonomic grips for ease of carrying. I have shot WC through my 'original' 4 inch Python with similar results. Overall fun to shoot. And I worried that Hartford would push it all by producing sub-standard Python.

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The extreme tool marks present under the top strap of my King Cobra did nothing to ease my anxiety. If this sort of thing continues on Python, I won't be disappointed, I'll be angry. I was ready to be angry.

The gun looks great, but I am satisfied with the 4″ GP100 using full house loads. Yes, a 38Spec+P or 357Mag is the only way to go for factory personal defense, but for ornery/large/toothy and clawed critters, a 180 or 200gr flat nose/hard cast is de rigueur.

Early tests of Python had a few shots that proved to be failures. Whether this was a shooting error or a problem with the original batch of Colts, I have no idea. When you're reviewing a high-end gun with a price tag over $1000;

Definitely something to remember. I recently purchased a 357/38 Colt Python in a 4.25” barrel, this is one of the best pistols I have owned. The smooth D/A handles magnum rounds well and the recoil is minimal with the custom grip not only is this revolver accurate but fun to shoot, not to mention one of the best looking rifles ever made here that isn't cheap but when you hold it

keep If you can afford one you will see and feel the quality value for money. While some may find the Colt Python's small size a disadvantage, the barrel still feels large. It is shrouded to help reduce weight, thus reducing the effect of recoil on the shooter.

But before I share those results, we need to look at a problem that has plagued every gun that has ever put a Colt-Double into heavy duty. For most of the 19th century, Colt revolvers were simple-action designs in which the operator cocked the hammer back and then depressed the trigger to fire.

From Patterson to Peacemaker, it worked very well. But when the company began to see the first forms of warfare that would become difficult in the 20th century, it began to look for improved models. In 1889 he introduced the first revolving double-action, solid-frame revolver.

The range of guns is available in different guises – Pocket Positive, Police Positive, Police Positive Special, Official Police and New Service. All of these guns use a calibrated variation of the same double-action trigger system.

It's going back to Colt. I have shot revolvers over the years, including Colts. My shooting buddy did the same, he got the same answers when I asked him what I was feeling. અમે ટ્રિગરને સંપૂર્ણપણે રીસેટ કરવાની મંજૂરી આપતા હતા, અમે જાણીએ છીએ કે ટ્રિગર રીસેટ થશે નહીં જ્યાં સુધી તે પૂર્ણ ન થાય.

બંદૂક સંલગ્ન ન હતી.

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