380 For Self Defense

380 For Self Defense - I live in Florida...shorts and t-shirt year round...I shoot everything my 60 years young...I love my 380 because of the size...I practice at least 3 times with laser rounds 2- 6 times a month pistol and mostly rifle…more power in a lighter gun means more recoil…and…its very challenging to hit your target with a very short barrel…forget the pressure using laser rounds is

An inexpensive way to learn and practice at home...trigger pull...and shot follows. Then find the rounds you like best at that range... don't go physics... a big bullet in a small gun isn't much use and definitely not fun... placement... placement.. placement.. .laser

380 For Self Defense

.380 Acp: Is It A Reliable And Effective Defensive Round?Source: 1s18w12tqveh1xfywp1ulx42-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com

Round training sure opened my eyes...nice by the way...thanks PEW PEW for all the good info. In private man vs. bad man encounter. If our defender fires a shot at the bad guy, the bad guy is more likely to run away, knowing that the civilian defender wants to break contact and most likely won't follow him.

Scoring The Competition

I think Federal Hydra-Shox can do a lot of damage even at 1000 fps and can incapacitate a threat (unless the threat is under the influence of alcohol or drugs). Keep in mind: Ballistic gel is meant to test the bullet's performance against other bullets.

It does not necessarily indicate harm or influence directed at a person or animal. The size, weight, movement/speed, clothing and health (fat/thin, muscular athletic, or weak out-of-shape wimp) will all give the bullet performance characteristics that you cannot imitate with gel.

So... unfortunately we have to compare bullets to bullets to yellow. We couldn't get enough volunteers to test bullets in bodies (and NAPCA said we couldn't use animals, and NACME said we couldn't use cadavers). Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro hints at everything you need to know about it from the title.

The metal detector is a high quality tool for your arsenal and is one of the essential tools for a bounty hunter. Good article, and some great insights on the .380. If you can hit the target, the .380 should do the job!

Determine Your Budget

As you note, I think the presence of a gun can deter all but the craziest. Smaller and more compact guns attract less attention. My wife and I carry the same gun for self defense and we use Liberty Civil Defense rounds.

They pack a serious punch. Not sure where the author got his info on the rounds, but they penetrate 10% ballistic gel with 2 thick layers of denim. We achieved 12+ inches of penetration in 15 rounds fired.

Particle expansion was as advertised. I bought a $400 Sig P238 (see Ernie's comment) for only the $155 price quoted in the article above. My new "low end" Sig P238 cost me $699 plus tax and I searched high and low for the best price.

380 Vs 9Mm: Which Is The Better Caliber For Everyday Carry (Edc)? | SofrepSource: i0.wp.com

Used and even in good condition, a P238 $400 would certainly be a good buy, but I've never seen one. Ernie is a lucky man, and the author of this article quotes a price of $155 must buy his smokes wholesale from a corner seller in Cuba.

The Different Types Of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Be real. Using Ammo To Go's gel testing with a Ruger LCP shooting through 4-layer fabric, I only included rounds that penetrated more than 12". None of the .380 rounds penetrated more than 18", so excessive penetration was not a consideration.

It is a FMJ/FN (Full Metal Jacket/Flat Nose) brass-cased .380 ACP cartridge that comes with a 95 grain load. Centerfire Primer is designed for reliability. It delivers a muzzle velocity of 955 fps (feet per second) and a muzzle energy of ​​190 ft/lbs.

I have a P238 and have been trying a variety of ammo in it. My pistol does not like the 95-105 FMJ rounds from the 6 brands (including SIG) I have tested. Fifteen yard groups are about the size of a basketball.

They seem to shoot about 8" high. Most of the FMJ bullet holes were slightly elliptical, indicating the bullets are key-holing. However, I like every 88-90 grain JHP I give them. They all seem to have the

Winchester – Usa White Box Auto Ammo Gr Fmj – // Rounds – Best Premium Ammo For Target Practice

Same POI. I shot 5 rounds of 4 brands of JHP. Converted to a 2.5" group at 15 yards. They hit about 3 inches deep. That's what Clint Smith, the infamous Thunder Ranch family man, told me, and I probably met the man in the first hour.

Clint is one of the most respected instructors in the gun community, so it should come as no surprise that his opinion of the .380 is not unusual—it is likely shared with most of his peers.

However, an equally popular opinion is that "some guns are better than no guns." The humble .380 has long been seen as a backup gun; Only at the top when looking at the "better than nothing" bone.

But for the same reason that the 9mm has seen a strong comeback, the .380 has seen a similar rise in popularity stemming from advances in platform and performance. My name is Dwight and I am a metal detectorist, husband and father of a beautiful girl.

G2 R.i.p. .380 Acp Ammunition Test - YoutubeSource: i.ytimg.com

Three Of The Best Cartridges For Self-Defense

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, but please let me know if you don't. It would be great if you could share my article on your social media platforms. The "one shot hold" gun is a myth.

In the real world, they happen from time to time, but no handgun caliber can consistently and predictably deliver that kind of power. Handguns have the advantage of portability, but it's always a trade-off of accessibility for size and effectiveness.

Assume multiple hits to a vital area are required to stop a determined attacker with any gun. As the cliché goes, "shot placement is king." The number on your pistol's slide is not as important as the skill to fire accurately under pressure and the ability to exercise good judgment about when to pull the trigger.

The brain has its brain stem and spinal cord connected to it. From there, networks of nerves run throughout the body. Since the brain controls our movement, disabling it or any part of it can immobilize the person.

Ruger Lcp Ii

I'm Jim and I created this site hoping to share my experience, research and knowledge that I have. Now I'm not a retired special ops guy, but I've been around guns my whole life. I am an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Certified Pistol Instructor and a Mantis Elite Marksman.

I have spent hundreds of hours in classroom teaching and have worked on everything from basic pistol skills to advanced defensive shooting. I also have a level two certification in critical casualty care. Guns have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

In fact, I still have the Itika saddle gun that was given to me on my 12th birthday (51 years ago). I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful. I'm not here to convince you to spend more money on ammo than you can afford.

So, decide in advance how much you can spend without eating from the table and stick to the budget. This site is owned and operated by Rocker Box Productions LLC and is a partner in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Productions LLC participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareAsale and other sites. Rocker Box Productions LLC is compensated for referring traffic.

Looking To Up Your Ammo Game?

and business to the companies. They have a solid range of traditional metal detectors, but they also design their own pinpointer probes, which give you the opportunity to add a pinpointer to your gear alongside your main detector to determine the exact locations of hidden targets.

380 Acp 68Gr. Xtreme Defender Solid Monolithic Hunting & Self Defense AmmoSource: cdn11.bigcommerce.com

Hmm, sounds like a Springfield. If you want to clean your gun, use Fiocchi, it burns hot (fewer jams) but is a bit dirty, about 20 cents a round. Magtech makes decent range ammo, about 25 cents a round, that burns cleaner than other, cheaper ammo.

Ammo picky or sensitive guns may not like MagTech (Sig, Mossberg, Conic), but Springfield, Glock, S&W, Taurus, seem to eat it well. I use Fiocchi Extrema. A recent popular ballistic test showed that they expand and penetrate better than smaller bars.

The vast majority. 380 ACP does not have hollow points, including most of the most well-known brands. XTP bullets seem to do the best for this caliber. .380 Auto shooters will certainly appreciate the quality and effectiveness of this hard-hitting JHP (jacketed hollow point) round.

 Hornady Critical Defense – Auto – Grain Ftx – Rounds – Best Premium Ammo For Self-Defense

It's also worth noting that purchases can be made in robust 100-round batches to keep your ammo supply well stocked. It has a 100% copper bullet. This means that when you shoot, you won't have any lead residue in your barrel.

More importantly, gluten-free means it's good for you and good for the environment. Still, those who think small guns are ineffective think of small guns like .22 calibers or older .380 versions that are nothing less than a girl's best friend to intimidate attackers.

To help you figure out if a Bounty Hunter metal detector is right for you, we'll provide a detailed review of some of their products below. You can go ahead and read each of them to see if they sound like what you're looking for.

There are so many different options to choose from when looking for a bounty hunter metal detector, whether it's your first device or your third, you're sure to find something that fits your needs. It also gives new detectors an opportunity to develop, practice and perfect their detection skills before moving on to upgraded equipment.

Buy/See Full Results Here Https//Wwwammunitiontogocom/Product_infophp/Pname/-Rounds--Auto-Federal--Grain-Hst-Jhp-Ammogel-Test

To help you decide which metal detector is best for you, we'll review some of the best types below. The top penetrator in our test drove through 4 layers of fabric and 17.4" of gel, putting it on the doorstep of the FBI's optimal performance number of 18" of penetration.

The 102gr round has the same weight as the #4 Remington Golden Saber, but the Ultimate Defense delivers this payload at 896fps, or 25fps faster than the Saber. 182 ft/lbs of torque is nothing to scoff at, but that's .35 inches of extension.

Corbon Self-Defense .380 Acp 90Gr Jacketed Hollow Point 20/Box - Munitions  ExpressSource: cdn11.bigcommerce.com

I feel really comfortable using these undeveloped Ultimate Defense #5 SIG ammo. But if you want pure penetration (lol), this is your joint. Our villain knows that in a police-involved shooting, the police won't let him run away.

They will follow him until he is taken into custody one way or another. So these shots will require more shots. Buying bulk ammunition in advance is expensive. However, when you do the math, you're saving several cents per round, which quickly adds up to a significant savings if you shoot hundreds of rounds each time you visit the range.

The Myth

Basically, Winchester and Remington are tied for performance on paper. However, looking at the tracks in the gel, I might give the edge to the Remington for making a big cut, although we need more data to see if this happens consistently.

We'll call it a tie for now. I recently bought P238 price including tax $583. Breakdown is easy when the half moon cutout on the slide matches the half moon on the takedown pin. If you have a stationary or head magnifier, use it first, so that you can easily see especially if your P238 parts are all black and match.

Then it will be a snap. In fact, the force of a bullet strike does not knock down an attacker instantly. Psychological shock or a shot to the brain stem will do. Even a shot to a major organ can take several minutes to stop an attacker from causing enough blood loss and blood pressure to drop.

If a bullet separates the spine or disables a leg, damage to the skeleton can be prevented. It should be noted that a large caliber will have a large wound channel. Winchester produces some excellent ammunition.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors Accessories

.380 shooters looking for quality, reliability, and accuracy during target practice will appreciate this white box offering; In fact, they are the most accurate target practice .380 cartridges you can buy. When he said the last sentence, he felt a jolt in his strength.

With my credibility at stake, I'm going to continue this post. Let's look at an unvarnished 380 ACP. Good, bad, truth and myth. Now let's look at the number of bullets. We have to consider that many of the 9MM incidents involve the police.

The service weapon of many police departments is 9 mm. A shooting between a citizen defender and an officer-involved shooting is very different.

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