45 Caliber Sig Sauer

45 Caliber Sig Sauer - Grid list © Bauer Precision document.getElementById("copyright_year"). Powered by BigCommerce Theme designed by Papathemes The P227's frame is based on the popular P226 and comes in three different versions The Nitron P227 has a 4.4 inch barrel and looks like a shotgun.

The P227 Carry has a compact 3.9-inch barrel for easy concealment, and finally there's the P227 Carry SAS 2B, which has the same 3.9-inch barrel, but is given the Sig anti-snag treatment, making it even better for loose wear.

45 Caliber Sig Sauer

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, for work or self-defense, and has a sig short reset trigger All three models feature a stainless steel slide with Sig Sauer's nitron finish and a black, hard anodized alloy frame with a synthetic polymer, one-piece, ergonomic grip.

Range Time

The pistols also have a standard double action/single action (DA/SA) system, which includes a decoy. The slide on the P227 is machined from a steel bar stock and coated with wear resistant nitron. Ten rear slides provide a gripping surface, and a smooth ejection port forms the locking surface of the pistol's Browning-type lock-brake mechanism.

The extractor is actuated and powered by a coil spring, and the 4.4-inch barrel has standard rifling. My test rifle was equipped with a SIGLITE night sight mounted on the dovetail, which allows for windage control.

The inverse of the constant expression becomes standard Interestingly, the P227 will accept any slide assembly from the P220, so the P227 Nitron can easily be converted to Carry, SAS, Stainless or Super Mach by simply changing the top.

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Plus, with a frame the size of the P226, you can get a larger caliber without the fat grip, and the P227 will fit into any holster that takes a P220 or P226 pistol with a rail.

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Grid List If you are in the market for a high-performance metal frame pistol, the Sig Sauer P220 Legion SAO is the perfect choice. With a single trigger action and full-size, semi-automatic design, this gun is designed for extreme accuracy and reliability.

When it comes to guns designed for LEO, few can hold a candle to the Sig Sauer. With its wide range of offerings and long-standing relationships with the law enforcement community, this is a company that can serve the needs of officers.

So far, mid-January 2013 saw the introduction of the P227 by Sig Sauer, and the new gun is currently rolling off the production line. The P227 is chambered for the venerable .45 ACP cartridge and has a capacity of 10 rounds in a flash, flash magazine and a single chamber.

An extended magazine is also available which increases the cartridge count to 14 + 1 Recently I was able to try and test the full size P227 Nitron The pistol arrives in a closed, plastic carrying case with foam rubber on the bottom and cutouts for the pistol and an extra 10-round magazine (included).

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Final Thoughts

Owner's manual, warranty and product registration form are also included Underneath the foam rubber liner was a protective cover and a small container of Sig Sauer Mil-Com TW-25B lubricant/protectant. A quick inspection of the pistol's exterior revealed the general excellence of Sig Sauer workmanship

There were no tool marks or blemishes on any metal surfaces The nitron finish on the slide and the anodizing on the receiver is well done, leaving the entire handgun a non-reflective, dark charcoal gray color.

The black and white pieces are well decorated, with stipple panels on the sides and the backstrap area. Below the grip frame, they form a well-rounded magazine well The exposed frontstrap grip frame is both well-checked and has a disc-out area below the triggerguard.

Featuring a 4.4" barrel and durable alloy construction, the P220 Legion SAO is built to last. Its Legion Gray finish and G10 Black Legion medallion finish give it a striking look, while with XRAY3 day/night display and coaxing serrations on the front. It's every time.

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, please call or email for more information before placing your order. View as: Grid Listing: Grid Listing Packed with pure power, the SIG P220 45 for sale will be competitively priced, tactically used, and fully loaded.

|Days|For professionals with professional skills, this series of heavy handguns exceed military standards, all steel construction, no With a Vitron-coated stainless steel slide, an integrated accessory rail and a top-level four-point safety system. For the affordable price of the SIG P220 45 ACP, you can find options available on smaller pistols, such as DA/SA triggers or SAO options, SIGLITE sights, G10 grips, and CA compatible models, Legion Gray, FDE, full stainless and finishes.

Rosewood handle, and more If you're in the market for a handgun with high power, reliability and performance, you've found it in the Sig Sauer P220 45 ACP. While the test protocol required a group shot of the "papers", I did my best during the combat phase of the test.

I ran a Sig P227 through the 30 round pistol course with the classic K-Zone Humanoid Silhouette target set up. My magazines are loaded with a mix of .45 ACP test cartridges, and I put one in the P227, did a “lock and load” and put it back together.

The other two put their magazines in my pouch and went inside With the necessary magazine changes I only fired y solid rounds and then six backup rounds and engaged the target at 3 yards. For added protection I used a point-shoulder stance, with non-attached arms folded across my chest.

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When I'm running for confirmation, I make a point to check my immediate field for other "enemies" before turning back, then slowly work the weapon into the holster, making sure to check my "six" as well.

As a longtime firearms instructor at my LE agency, I felt qualified enough to test the Sig Sauer P227 for use as a uniform or casual duty pistol. I rummaged through the plastic tub of leather equipment and came up with a belt to handle the P227 and extra magazines.

It includes a gun belt, double magazine pouch, handcuff case and a Level 3 SERPA automatic locking holster – all from Blackhawk. At Tier 2 and Tier 1, the holster keeps the handgun secure, but the handgun has a natural progression and can easily be put into quick action.

I made a rig similar to the one I wear in uniform at work, so I'm comfortable with the gear arrangement and its placement on the belt. The P220 Legion SAO also boasts an optimized optic design and finger safety, giving you more control over your shooting experience.

And with three 8-inch magazines and a Master Shop flat trigger included, this gun is ready to go right out of the box. I can tell you as a gun writer, LEO and firearms instructor, it is always easy to test a gun that works 100 percent of the time, shooting through the sights and has excellent ergonomic features.

No, the P227 doesn't have an adjustable backstrap like the newer pistol designs, but even in my average hand some handguns are comfortable and suitable for the P226 platform. This type of pistol has a very short bore axis and, combined with the design of the grip - including a hard and checkered surface - you have a gun that does not slip even in damp or wet weather conditions and that is quickly and successfully controlled.

- Fire incident In short, the Sig Sauer P227 will "ride a river."

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