Are Primers Available Anywhere

Are Primers Available Anywhere - While many calibers of ammunition are slowly returning to many store shelves, primers haven't really appeared in any meaningful numbers since then. The two major players in the market, Olin (Winchester) and Vista Outdoor (Remington, CCI and Federal) have increased their production and most of the production goes to loaded ammunition.

There is some good news though - the old Remington ammo factory will start making ammo again. American Rifleman reports: "Vista Outdoor has acquired the ammunition plant [Remington Outdoor] in Lonoke, Arkansas [and will resume] production at or near full capacity. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports that 300 workers let go by the plant's former owner soon

Are Primers Available Anywhere

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will be recalled to join the nearly 400 who work at the facility." 2. Biden's policy on assault weapons is to register them. If they are afraid to register a military weapon, they have something to hide.

Disruptions In The Supply Chain

If they feel the government is trying to follow them, someone here has started knitting and making you a tin hat. With modern manufacturing, the availability of primers should improve, but it doesn't. Toilet paper was also in high demand, but modern manufacturing has made it more available.

Unlike the primer, you use toilet paper every day. I think part of the shortage is artificial. Manufacturers are trying to raise prices by not meeting demand. They prime at the same normal rate and do not increase spray performance.

To earn more money. 2. If legit, they are in it to make money. Vista Outdoors will offer to double or triple the price and buy the entire production to prevent reloaders from getting them. Vista is only interested in selling high profit factory loaded ammunition.

If you've tried to buy ammo or reload supplies recently, you've probably noticed that many products are out of stock. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, primers seem to be the hardest to come by, leading many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as "The Great Primer of 2020."

What Comes After A Primer Shortage?

However, the lack of primer supplies doesn't just affect reloaders. It has also limited the production of many types of popular ammunition. This can be frustrating for shooters and hunters looking to keep their edge on the range, and it can be worrisome for preppers, survivalists, and others concerned about safety.

and in closing I would offer this: We know and understand that while anti-2nd amendment liberals talk nonsense about many, many things, it would be well understood that this fact does NOT make them stupid …… Great Pathologists Dr.

Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a conference call that the coronavirus pandemic is "the biggest hoax ever played on an unsuspecting public." "There is a totally unfounded public hysteria fueled by the media and politicians," said Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that tests for COVID.

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We see "politics playing medicine, and this is a very dangerous game." Eric, try the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series WET Tumbler if you haven't already. The ultrasonic cleaning (it comes with a sample) is done, making copper like brand new.

Powder Allocations

You should also get the Frankford Arsenal dryer. Each can process 1,000 rounds of .223 in a total time of 4 hours. With the ultrasonic cleaner and stainless steel media tumbling around with the brass for three hours, you won't believe what the brass looks like when it comes out.

Put it in the dryer for an hour and you're done. People I show copper, they have a hard time believing it was once burnt copper. A positive test result does not mean a clinical infection, he says.

All testing should be stopped because the false numbers they produce "drive public hysteria". Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under 65 is "one in three hundred thousand" and is "outraged" that society is shutting down because of what is just "another bad flu."

COVID Testers Say Pandemic Is Biggest Hoax Ever 1. We've Had TWO YEARS OF GUNS RECORD. Don't the manufacturers realize that this is not a temporary bump, but a new level of demand? 2. No.1​​definitely supports, if not mandates, a significant increase in production capacity.

Panic Buying/New Shooters

Has management never heard of market research? It was fun while it lasted, RIP shooting sports, that's why I'm done with powder burners, more fun with my PCP airguns like the FX, you can even have suppressors A great big FU for all the powers.

AKA Tin Horn Dictator Bwhaha bwhaha bwhaha People go crazy every time a Democrat steps in. It's all about politics at its core. I have reduced my shooting and have a supply of ammo. I can take a little.

I mostly shoot rimfire at home. As long as you are not completely removed from society, you will see that all industries are now struggling with supply and demand. In particular, find enough stock to meet the employees' current requirements.

There are more job openings across the United States now than ever before, and no one wants to work. This makes it difficult to get production back to where it needs to be. The scarcity we live in is made worse by the profiteers.

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A Massive Increase In Demand

I'll just wait, shoot less, and hopefully the production will eventually make up for the shortage and we can all pay a fair price for these things. What you are saying is nonsense. Joe toes the party line on gun bans, magazine bans, etc. There is nothing ordinary about banning firearms.

Democrats are anti-American and anti-constitutional garbage. I wish the left would move to one of the 100 other countries that practice their desired form of government and leave the USA in the hands of the patriots.

Hi I'm James Guthrie a customer of yours I bought some rifle cases from you all last fall hope to get more in the future in gun cases I need #400 primers for my 223 cases when do you think you can get some

could put me on a call list when you find some of and more small primer pistols #500.ww if possible. one thing i have seen that bothers me is a ton of people on gunbroker selling primers for 100 to 1000 and up.

How You Can Help

I would have stopped reloading before I bought any of them. I always bought 1000 to 5000 in bulk at a time. ,but I have many friends who only want a few hundred at a time and know they can get them for what I paid for them.

I agree that someone is turning on the reloaders and I don't think you can blame the Democrats. They took over the government about a year after the shortage began. I've also seen US primaries for sale on Canadian websites, so it's not a manufacturing issue.

It is a money guzzler that is in the sales chain, probably the last rung of the ladder, selling powders and primers and brass from the back door. During the previous shortage, a local gun store didn't have anything on the shelves for walk-in customers, but if you bought a gun, they had ammunition for you.

I don't shop there anymore. p.s. I totally agree with JBM! I keep saying this country is on a runaway train and the end of the train is out there somewhere. We continue to see more and more businesses closing their doors and that means more workers are out of work and hitting the unemployment line, so where is it going to stop.

Loaded Ammunition Primer Shortage?

Hope some of them get hired by the new munitions company. Eric, you need to do more shopping research. Midway, Midsouth, Natchez shooters are good, but prices vary on some items and on line for others.

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You have to shop around. do a google search to find these out there. I have more than 2 dozen sites that are used for certain articles. Cabelas is expensive on most things, including Brownells which I don't use.

don't even shoot bronze, it won't hurt. Remington primers are flawless compared to what you bought. I have been reading for almost 40 years, a retired police officer, have 2 college degrees, you need more experience and exposure to produce and reload.

I have to wonder about someone who buys lapua copper for 40-45 dollars for 20 pieces. We have a source of 9 million small pistols and 3 million primary rifles. Because we have a Level 7 FFL, we have options.

What Should You Do?

The price will be at least 3X normal. Do you have a market for this price? Anyway, it became clear to me that powder manufacturers are only legally allowed to produce a limited amount of powder per year.

Once that number is reached, no more powder can be made until the next calendar year. I am fully aware of the law and the fight that we 2nd Amendment supporters put up every year. I value your opinion.

However, I disagree. Biden has openly stated that he is after some guns. The platform Biden-Harris ran on openly stated their desire to shut down interstate commerce in firearms and firearms-related purchases. They've already done it in California and hope to do it nationwide.

That will effectively put an end to companies like Powder Valley. People said he could never make it to California, and he did. The courts upheld the laws. Biden is using the guise of "common sense gun control" to advance a very aggressive agenda that limits our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Good explanation of the circumstances. I think you are spot on. Shooting outdoors is great fun and that's about my only vice. When I retired 18 years ago, I started stocking up on everything I thought I might need, so I'm pretty well stocked.

The flight of this fragrance is not my fellow competitors, so I either share {not} or compete with myself? Keep up the good work, be safe and if you find any BR4 primers I'll take whatever you can sell.

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Thanks! dave jones Everyone wants to know in one sentence why there has been a primary shortage over the last 18 months or so. Unfortunately, it is a fact that there are many reasons why they are almost extinct in recharging sockets.

Vince, so true. We are seeing the definition of spiritual warfare taking place before our eyes. Evil has been there since the fall in the Garden of Eden, but it has become so obvious because Satan knows his time is short.

Ephesians 6:10-18 Thanks for sharing - The Primer shortage won't stop until suckers pay 400.00 per 1,000 stop paying it. Many of the gun brokers are actual gun shops. They have lots of inventory that doesn't make it to the shelves of their actual stores.

Why would they when someone will pay 400.00 for a box with 29.00 prime. Don't you hear? Someone poked themselves with a knitting needle, so Congress banned them to protect us all. Well, technically not banned, but you have to pass a background check, buy a $200 knitting voucher and wait nine months for approval.

So until people will say no to some of the prices people are asking, the ammo won't come back with the elements. However, some things are slowly but surely returning to full force! It's just going to take a long time to get the hang of it all.

It was a very comprehensive report on the kindergarten situation. I shot a thousand shots a month, but now trips to the range are few and far between. My extra few thousand rounds must be preserved because the future is not as rosy as I had hoped.

Keep up the good work and thanks. Thanks for the information. It would help if powdervalley would improve the website to allow for pre-purchase backorder and ETA pv will be a big 4. This benefits pv and customers because it won't be about how many times a day we check..hope to be lucky

.. Of course when you can sell 223 for $0.80 + per round for ball ammo there is a lot of money to be made there and the quality control must not be spectacular to produce an acceptable product.

I hope they are close to the Winchester primaries kind of "Goldilocks" mark... not too hard like CCI, not too soft like Federal, generally. Or everywhere like Tula and Fiocchi, I really hate both of these.

The major manufacturers are just catching up (some) and some like LC were 2 1/2 years behind before the distributors closed the order switch last year. And that was just the civilian market ammo. One big government contract and we're all broke again.

Last fall I heard about the local Cabela's getting a pallet of pistols and rifles. No Limit and $70 per mile in a few hours if that. Now how much of it went on G.B. for 120 dollars per

brick tonight? You can't blame the manufacturers for that.

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