Bcm 14.5 Recce Problems

Bcm 14.5 Recce Problems - As far as accuracy goes, I am satisfied with the results. Your basic range, ball ammo is collected well enough at 2″ where you can shoot a 3-barrel match or play for days with your friends without any problems.

If you want to do some hunting yourself or something that requires more accuracy, I think the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO is capable of shooting 7/8″ groups with boxed ammo more than proves it. Higher ammo or reloads can produce better results.

Bcm 14.5 Recce Problems

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Can feel and see the difference in fit and finish instantly compared to other premium brands. It feels better than today's Colt and feels confident in the quality control that BCM provides. 550 rounds so far and running smooth BCM bolt carrier and with BCM Comp Mod 1 to give good recoil and very low muzzle rise.

The Hunt Bcm Recce- Kmr-A Mm Nato

I love the way this gun shoots. I think I can count on my life. This is my new favorite gun and I can't wait to go in the future. Thank you BCM for being as good as you are and trying to stay affordable for us average Joes who want quality without taking out a second mortgage!!!

Nice finish, high quality parts and overall well designed. It shoots very reliably with cheap Anderson lows. Shipping was fast, and I really appreciated the minimalistic packaging with simple bubble wrap and lots of cute stickers.

I don't try to stretch the rifle more than 100 yards because my upcoming hunts will probably have me shooting 50 yards or less, and in my personal use of the AR-15 it also holds up to 100 yards or less.

If I want to mark something beyond 100 yards, I'll reach for a bolt-action rifle. This is not an insult to BCM, any AR-15 manufacturer or even the platform. I believe it is important to understand that there is always the right tool for every job.

Range Day Bcm Recce- Kmr-A Mm Nato

From a hunting standpoint, the Hornady Superformance Match 5.56 NATO 75 Grain BTHP is obviously a heavier grain weight that will be important in smaller cartridges than the 5.56mm NATO when hunting, but Hornady also achieved some impressive FT-lbs of energy with this load.

. The next thing checked is the lockup or connection of the handguard to the upper receiver. BCM uses a proprietary keymod hand controller made in-house. Time is true to the upper receiver and it is tight;

Zero play or slack in the joint. An inspection of the gas block and gas pipe proved that it was properly stuck and positioned as well. All the great fit and finish you've come to expect from BCM.

Lose a star because it's actually 14.75" not 14.5. The reason I ordered this instead of another model was to have a proper 14.5" barrel and not some silly stretch barrel. It's not as bad as the 16" M4 but it's still not what I want. Still, a nice tip if that's okay with you. Other little things I appreciate are the QD sling mount, mid-length gas system,

Final Thoughts Bcm Recce- Kmr-A Mm Nato

Chrome lining and AquaWedge built proprietary BCM components not only compliment the look of the rifle, but they are also tough, tough and well textured. Bravo Company Manufacturing, Inc. Land of Cheese; Wisconsin. They manufacture a large portfolio of AR-15 pistols

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and rifles in various calibers and configurations. To compete in the AR-15 market is no small task because as you know, it is very saturated. Each company needs unique products, proprietary features, quality, accuracy and it needs to grab your attention.

With millions in circulation and production, all manufacturers can't just produce "hot guns" with others." Today we're going to look at the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO to see if it can check all the right boxes.

All in all, my hunt was successful! The gun was great, I put it on muddy terrain for photo ops, hit trees, scraped it on an ATV and basically didn't use the gun, but I didn't try to abuse it either.

Inspection Bcm Recce- Kmr-A Mm Nato

After about an hour of hunting at the Big Oak Elk Ranch in northeastern Iowa, I came upon a lone hog lying in a dirt hole on a hilltop with only his back and head visible.

With the pig above the field and me near the bottom, I looked closer at the thick, lame bird. Understanding I'm really fighting an uphill battle carrying smaller cartridges than 5.56mm NATO for hog hunting, I'll be aiming for hog brains;

Not a traditional heart/lung beat. At about 20 yards, well below my 100 yard sight, I held my crosshair where I believed it needed to be to take such a close shot. To start, I shot some Federal XM193 55 grain ball ammo to easily get the gun on paper at 100 yards.

I easily hit the approx 8 1/2″ x 11″ shoot-N-C target I was aiming at and went to the target from there. Once I believed I had the gun centered, the XM193 bullets clustered anywhere from 1 1/2″ – 2″ in size.

Specifications Bcm Recce- Kmr-A Mm Nato

Since the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO is a 1 in 7″ twist rate rifle (and probably prefers a heavier grain weight), I think that’s fine for now. Getting this gun to long range is a pleasure.

I mounted my Vortex StrikeEagle 1-6x24mm scope on the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO and looked at the optic before I got to the range. The decision I would make rested entirely on my shoulders and the capability of the gun as it was a balmy 70 degree day in MN.

In this TFB review, I was given the opportunity to not only test and evaluate this rifle through a typical range day, but I also dared to take it on a hog hunt. When I say bold, I don't mean to imply danger or negligence.

Simply put, it is my personal preference to usually use a well-seasoned or durable firearm for hunting purposes. The 2nd shot hit the pig just inches from the first. The pig drops on the hillside almost parallel to me.

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The big pig is now down for the count, but not dead yet. With adrenaline high, ears ringing like church bells and feeling quite impressed with the close range handling of the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO, I went to the pig for the final 3 shots.

I like to hunt and I like to eat wild animals, but I also have a lot of respect for wild animals and don't want them to suffer. To briefly describe the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO, it's a winner!

The gun has carefully selected components and BCM explains in detail what is inside the gun. I personally appreciate it when the company tells you everything. I don't think other companies necessarily hide anything, but I like the transparency in their construction.

Another part that I always bring up in my reviews and some people think is not important is appearance. I always say that no one wants an ugly precision rifle. Nobody likes a muscle car if it looks like a Pinto, right?

Well, the BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO is an interesting rifle in my eyes, so that's always a bonus. Smooth, light and smooth gun, 500 rounds so far without a slip, eats everything I feed it and runs smooth, makes me want to shoot more.

The service for my purchase was exceptional, Brandon was very helpful and shipping was fast, this is my choice for all things AR from now on. This gun again has an MSRP of $1,500 which I believe is fair for the quality of the firearm.

Finally, I would like to thank BCM for allowing TFB to play with one of their products. Also, to Big Oak Elk Ranch for being a great host on what was my third time hunting their property.

Bravo Company has produced some of the best products I have ever purchased and the 1 is no exception! I wanted to produce a civilian M4A1 SOCOM clone and this tip certainly made it possible to do so!

I love it so much it has now become my 4th SOCOM to buy from BCM! Thank you for not settling for average but for producing high quality guns! As a side note, I also bought 2, 11.5" tops and am waiting for the correct 12.5" to become available.

Granted I just got the gun so I haven't beat it to death or anything, but it's easy to see it's built to hold and take a gun. This is my first BCM but I have been a fan for a long time just because of the company's attitude and reputation.

Some of the biggest names in the BCM shooting community trust, making it easy for non-operators like me to trust them. It definitely won't be my last BCM. The RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO BCM comes with a 30-round metal magazine, but for this hunt I opted for a 20-round Magpul PMAG.

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I certainly don't need 30 rounds for this hunt (or 20 rounds for that matter), but the smaller 20 round PMAG profile will be stronger in the woods. I want the 14.5 inch top but every time I go to buy it they are out of stock.

Very nice tip! I got the pin version and used. BCM has a very nice bolt carrier, mod 1 very nice BCM compensator. Overall very good quality. I got a BCM charging holder that I will replace in the future, but that's more of a personal preference.

I would recommend BCM! I am a retired Marine 0311 Rifleman Overall, when shooting at the range, the rifle cycled as expected. No issues removing, extracting, feeding or poor performance occurred. I was almost expecting to get a medium sized 2″ group with some XM193 ammo.

As soon as I switch to something heavier it instantly shrinks the group. With all due respect to Hornady, there are certainly higher grades of match grade ammo on the market that I understand can further reduce my group size.

I chose Hornady for its factory FT - lbs of energy because I didn't have time to reload for Part 2 of this review: Hog Hunting. I am more than sure that with some vargets and some testing, the 7/8″ group can be further improved.

Nice tip as usual, my only chromes are the same as before when I had something pinned and welded. They can't seem to get the Fh timing right before they actually do the welding... except that would be another five star rating... before going out to throw various leads down, it's always good to check any firearm before

Use. Some basic, but basic visual inspection is that the lock nut on the buffer tube is tight. for the gun. This ensures proper action cycles, tight lock-up for better accuracy and a big "tell" whether the manufacturer cares about small details or not.

When it comes to an AR-15 rifle that has a price point over the $1,000+ threshold, I personally want to know everything about the rifle. This is not a figurative statement; I'm quite literal. A $1,000 investment in a firearm isn't chump change for me, and probably isn't chump change for many other people.

I often want to know what certain components are made of, the precision that goes into a part or how the quality is made. With the gun now mounted, I went to heavy grain heavy bullets;

Ammo I will use to hunt my hogs. The bullet is Hornady Superformance Match 5.56 NATO 75 Grain Boat-Tail Hollow-Point (BTHP). At the same 100 yards, the bullets peppered anywhere from the 7/8″ – 1 1/8″ group.

I shot three 3-shot groups to see if there was consistency in 3 different areas: my shooting ability, ammo consistency, and gun consistency. In this regard, BCM is on target when it comes to presenting data on their rifles.

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The MSRP is benchmarked at $1,500 and you can decide for yourself if that is an appropriate number, but BCM does an excellent job with the complete build of the RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO. Their complete list of specifications can be read below.

Easily the best top I have ever bought. If you plan to remove the gas block and barrel nut yourself to install a different rail other than the supported type (I used Danial Defense RISII rails), be prepared for some serious work.

Punch pins are indeed there and it takes a breaker bar to release the barrel nut. However, the build quality is great and I will never buy a top from anywhere else again. The last thing I specifically look for in AR-15s before slinging the carry down chain is very basic, but again, it's worth looking into.

Are the pins in the lower receiver seated correctly (not sticking out)? Is the gun grip tight? Is the camp crowded? Is the nose medium tight? Can the gun be dry fired? Can you manually cycle the action cleanly?

Does the gun look safe and free of any abnormalities? The BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO I have been told by anecdotal evidence is a great gun. Instead of words of praise, I put it through a trial by hunting fire hogs.

Before we dive into my day of hunting and touring, we'll look at the parts that complete the RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO BCM. Really good! Great product. Everything about this screams quality and craftsmanship. Having parts and pieces from most major manufacturers, I always gravitate back to BCM.

I can't comment on their customer service, I never needed it. My gun and aim were true and I hit exactly where I intended, but a 200+lbs pig does not go down easily. The pig sprung to its feet, and now it was sliding up the hill toward me.

The pig does not charge, but basically heads for thicker cover. The thick canopy of trees and foliage sounded to me from the first shot, but I had to take another. Installed the BCM BCG and zeroed it today with ease, excellent quality and excellent finish.

The finish of the mod 4 charging handle is a bit rough but it works. I will definitely be buying more BCM rifles. Semper Fi! © Bauer Precision. document.getElementById("copyright_year"). InnerHtml = new Date().getfullYear(); Powered by BigCommerce.

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