Chicago Gas Card Program

Chicago Gas Card Program - "Don't let us mean it. The mayor's name on everything. You get off the plane, you walk into Chicago, you say Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Your check says Mayor Lori Lightfoot. That's not a problem, and very, very small

." he said to his farmers. By submitting this application, I understand that providing false information in this document is an act of fraud. I further understand that false, misleading or incomplete information may result in the cancellation and requested refund of all benefits received through the Chicago Transportation program.

Chicago Gas Card Program

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The mayor's plan has faced significant pushback from many councilors since it was first announced earlier this month, prompting Lightfoot to make several changes to his plan, including the reduction of the income threshold of 140% of income

How Do I Apply?

median area, or $140,000 for a family. of four, up to 100% of the area median income, or $93,200 for a family of four. Residents must apply for the cards, which will be distributed through a lottery system in waves throughout the summer, according to the City.

Three-quarters of the transit cards will be specifically for low-income area residents who use the CTA regularly. The rest will be distributed throughout the city. Lightfoot has denied that his plan is sensitive to Wilson's gas subsidies, and his finance director, Jennie Huang Bennett, told aldermen that the plan is supported by programs in other cities and states that offer gas card programs.

and transportation by the government. . "Obviously, we want to make sure that we're focusing on the low- and middle-income Chicagoans who are really ... feeling the weight and guts of all the rising gas prices. And we hope that people of

it's in the middle. -income and doesn't need relief regardless of what's involved. But we want to make sure we're really focused on bringing that relief to riders of all kinds. "It's going to benefit CTA riders across the board.

What Assistance Is Available?

the city, but especially on the south and west sides," said CTA President Dorval Carter. "The areas that saw the smallest decline in ridership during the pandemic, areas where public transit the best and sometimes the only option.”

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It will award $150 prepaid gas cards to eligible drivers who enter and win this lottery, beginning in May and continuing in four more monthly waves of 10,000 cards through the summer, in anticipation of continued pain at the pump. "I just have a basic argument, as a policy, with using taxpayer dollars to subsidize big oil," he said. "I'd rather put the money into running

CTA, especially the trains, much safer than they are today," "If we encourage people to use it, even people who rely on it to get to and from the service. In the morning and at night, we need to be safe.

So I would rather take the gas card money and use it to put the police in the trains where they should be, as they all do in cities". A total of 150,000 cards will be issued - gas cards

50,000 and 100,000 transit cards — and if demand is high enough, a lottery system will be used to determine which qualified applicants will receive them. He told the Tribune he was also considering another gas grant and asked why Lightfoot

He waited until after his events to take steps to provide gas price relief. He said cutting the gas tax would help more Chicagoans than prepaid lottery tickets. "We looked at the options. very much, which includes, we decided that this is the best way to reach the greatest number of people at one time and give them the immediate relief that they really feel."

President Biden is also pledging to reduce gas prices with the largest release of oil from the National Petroleum Reserve: one million barrels per day in the next six months, which is 5% of the daily consumption of

American. A vote on whether to approve Lightfoot's "Chicago Moves" initiative is scheduled to take place during Wednesday's City Council meeting at 10 a.m., which will be chaired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The program will distribute, through a lottery, 50,000 pre-loaded gas cards worth $150 each and 100,000 prepaid transit cards worth $50 each.

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"So by subsidizing the cost of gas and transit, we help residents get to school, the grocery store or the doctor's office or wherever they need to go, allowing physical mobility to be directly linked to systemic mobility.

-speech," Lightfoot said. A new free gas and transit card system is planned to ease the money added at the gas pump for some Chicago residents, but that's only if it passes a City Council vote scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Online applications are now accepted at You can also apply in person at a City of Chicago library or mail a PDF version to: ATTN: Finance Department: Chicago Moves, 121 N. LaSalle St., 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602

aldermen determine which parts of the city are considered mobility-challenged areas based on three factors: the percentage of workers in the area who travel more than 90 minutes, the percentage of the area's population who is disabled, and transportation costs as a percentage of income within the area.

"This is one of many tools in the city's toolbox to end poverty and create generational wealth in Chicago," Lightfoot said. "Also, increased CTA ridership is not only good for our recovering transit system, but a step in the right direction to reduce carbon emissions."

"When people ask us to describe our work as councilors, I often use the analogy that we are like someone who goes to a primary school birthday party with 30 children in the class, and we have five cakes

, let's go." If you are going to go. give them the first five kids, 25 kids will say that they don't get anything, and those who don't do anything for me. If we cut them all and give them to all

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people, people go. said it only gives us crumbs, he said. "If we do something, I think this provides important, important help to people who use a car to get around." Mayor Lori Lightfoot's plan to use a $12.5 million gas and transit card passed the City Council on April 27. That means thousands of Chicagoans will be eligible for pump or "L" assistance. "$93,000 is chump change

better to give people a gas card. At least in my neck of the woods it is," said Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza (10th), who said she would like to see $12.5 million spent on "more sustainable" programs, such as improving health systems

mental health or reducing food deserts in the city. By applying for this program, you have the opportunity to receive a $150 prepaid gas card or a $50 prepaid transit card. Applications for Chicago Transportation are now open

on April 27, 2022, and cards will be distributed each month from May to September. Deadlines for each drawing will be the 1st of the month from May to September. apply, and you'll be automatically entered into the next month's lottery. In the past two weeks, Mayor Willie Wilson has made two gas giveaways. The first resulted in a car crash as students lined up for hours to receive $50 in gas each.

until the $200,000 that Wilson is funding is gone.Chicago Transit Authority President Dorval Carter Jr. discusses a new plan to buy n Chicagoans cope with high transportation costs. City Secretary Anna Valencia and Mayor Lori Lightfoot also participated in Thursday's press conference at City Hall (from left).

To be eligible for the lottery, drivers must be a Chicago resident 18 years of age or older with a valid city sticker and a maximum household income of no more than 140% of the Chicago area median income.

That puts the income limit at roughly $91,000 if you're single and $140,000 for a family of four. "It's no secret that, within a few months, we will start to campaign, and we will face the voters, and there are many questions about where this program has come from, if it has been.

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support in [the mayor's office. candidate] Dr. Willie Wilson gift of gas. I have heard from some communities that have said that they feel like this is the mayor trying to prove that he has the biggest gas pipeline," said Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th) "We are not

write it Obviously, this is also for us. But thinking about what we can do to provide the greatest impact, we think this is a good way to actually put a gas card in the hands of Chicago residents, "He said. The program, which

come weeks after the majority who in the 2023 Mayoralty, Willie Wilson spearheaded several rounds of free gas distribution, with gas cards worth $ 150 each to 50,000 drivers and transit to the card worth $ 50 each to 100,000 motorists. Wilson Blaste the Mayor

Thursday's program, calling it a "political stunt." If you choose and choose to take your card in person, you must bring a valid ID. up your card Cities 8 cents per gallon gas tax all 64.9 million d and

dollars a year. That money helps pay for snow removal, road paving, bridge maintenance and related labor costs. A loss of 3 cents per gallon for the rest of this year would have cost the city $18 million. It also follows the decision

this week to table the Mayor's first proposal to roll back the $0.03 per gallon increase. The City Council's Budget Committee should move The mayor's plan last Monday, but it was suddenly canceled. Ald. George Cárdenas (12th), the floor leader of the Mayor, said that aldermen can argue that many other needs of the city can be addressed, "and I think we have seen in this city that it does not stop".

Although CTA fares have been frozen for years, 100,000 transit riders still line up for a $50 donation, with the same eligibility criteria except for the city sticker. The city said 75,000 of the transit cards are for "use of CTA residents in low-income areas."

The remaining 25,000 Ventra cards will be distributed across the city. CHICAGO (CBS) -- A special City Council meeting advanced Wednesday on Mayor Lori Lightfoot's plan to spend $12.5 million in tax dollars to provide thousands of gas and transit cards to Chicagoans, despite the rejection of

some councilors have described it as “uplifting. ". a gimmick for a re-election campaign," and argued that the money would be better spent elsewhere.

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