Fn 5.7 Ar Pistol

Fn 5.7 Ar Pistol - Thanks, John. Finally someone put some common sense and some science into this discussion. The only people I hear defending 5.7 pistols are people who spend their hard earned money only to find out they bought a white elephant.

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Fn 5.7 Ar Pistol

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The reasons why it has not been widely adopted are quite obvious. spend. It's not worth the cost of replacing all the gun stocks with the rather expensive May 7's and P90's and their more expensive ammo.

Mrd Vs Standard

Also, 9mm is generally interchangeable between many firearms. Can you name any gun other than a Five Seven or P90 in that caliber? There is no reason to switch to this weapon as you can equip your soldiers with Berettas, Glocks and MP5s for a third of the cost.

Yes, it doesn't have the same stopping power, but you don't need it at all in most cases. In situations where you expect to need it, an assault rifle does the job and does it better.

Safety features include: integral trigger safety, lightweight firing pin, neutral balanced pin with significant engagement and strong spring tension, and hammer grip to help prevent hammer contact with firing pin unless trigger is pulled. The gun looks good.

Unfortunately, since I live in the UK, we can't have this fun because of the somewhat strict gun laws here. Even if you can find a shooting range, there are still endless hurdles to jump and what you're actually allowed to own is very limited anyway.

Fit Feel

Not that it seems to be doing much to stop gun crime here. Every time we shoot here. There are cries that something must be done. So the government will once again introduce another set of rules for ordinary gun owners to follow.

He also fails to understand that the problem is not the average gun owner, but criminals who import guns for criminal use. Lynx Defense may earn a small percentage of sales from links to any products or services on this site.

At no extra cost to you, your purchase helps support our work and enables us to continue producing great content for you, our readers! I've been working on 5.7 for a while now. The only things holding me back are 1.) my "guard" scratching me if I buy "another" gun, 2.) the cost of 5.7 rounds of ammo is a bit high right now.

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Except for the RIA 1911 which is 9mm, all my other pistols are 9mm but have a spare barrel for the .22TCM...which I like. When the time comes, I'll probably go with the PSA 5.7...unless Ruger can lower the price of the 5.7 to match the PSA.

How Does It Shoot?

Anyway, to me FN is overpriced and I think you are paying for the "FN" stamp on it even though they make great guns. The FN Five Seven MRD is the latest version with a slightly updated look.

The MRD has a more blocky shape to the slide than the standard 5.7, with slightly more edges to the frame, but no rounded corners. My recommendation is to buy the MRD model, even if you don't plan on adding a red dot to it right away.

Having the option but not using it is always better than having to replace the entire pistol to get the optics you want. Triggers are a little hard and no one likes it. If you have a ton of magazines that may not be in the gun, there is only one small part in this trigger.

It's just that various manufacturers are trying to make their way into the established gun market. There is no need or reason for such a gun/bullet. There are dozens of proven pistols and calibers on the mainstream market.

We already have several options for 22 caliber guns. It is simply a search for an answer to a question. There are many useful features on the Rock, such as sliding serrations (front and rear), Picatinny accessories and mounts on the sides of the frame.

This gun has a very refined and well thought out feel. However, some shooters just want the chambering experience of a 5.7mm pistol. Not to mention, it's a great choice for those who are sensitive to recoil, as it has a very gentle push.

Got it Sean. Do not worry. I just think we should know what we're getting into, good, bad or irrelevant. I believe in the right choice. I compared PSA to other companies in the industry; most offer excellent customer support.

Very few people don't. It looked and felt like an AR-15, but had a very different operating system. Instead of a direct impingement, the DBX57BGB uses a dual locking gas piston system. We haven't been able to take it apart and test it, but in general, gas piston systems are known for their reliability and durability.

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The one we shot this week had no jams or malfunctions, and we haven't noticed any issues with others. (Check back soon for the full review!) This does fill a niche, but the comparison to a .22 is poor.

It has longer range, is more accurate, and if only that, it's more fun to shoot. It probably isn't anyone's first gun, but I can definitely see it being a fun collector's item, like the Ruger 57 is for me. After all, a lot of people like guns just for the shooting sport.

I have a 5.7 home defense. I'm not a 5.7 freak because I have plenty of other options. This weapon is great for defense, with 30% less recoil and faster tracking fire. Less penetrating, but quick on the flesh, that's what it's designed for.

Yes, heavier grain projectiles pack more punch, but you can't argue with that with a chest-sucking wound. I don't want to shoot with it, especially with only the green tip of the LE. I'm not going to post a photo of using a pistol shoulder mount.

ATF rules are gray at best, allowing only sporadic use unless highlighted upon request. An unsuspecting person could reasonably assume that this is a permitted method of sustained fire, especially by an American gun company. I apologize if I am wrong.

Agree. I stopped paying attention to "noisy and expensive". Will we who live under the tyranny Canada is fast passing through even see this PSA product? Time will prove everything. I just know I have a powerful and expensive gun.

S&W model 57 (coincidence). He hits different weight classes, which is fine. I love it, the barrel length is a big plus with the 5.7 because it's light enough to fit in your hands. The price puts it in serious competition with many of the above pistols in similar categories.

The 5.7 was designed as a possible replacement for the 9mm for military applications, but never went anywhere. So IMHO it's fair to compare it to the Stribog SP9 which has more capacity and 1/3 the price.

It surprised me so much! How much NATO wants their weapons to pierce armor, but they don't want it in the hands of the public. Prior to 5.7, the Criminal had 9mm armor penetration. Back in the mid-80s, LAPD officers were killed by 9mm rounds.

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Dave, it all makes sense. About your "keeper" - I've been told by older and wiser gun collectors that he only buys black guns so his husband won't know the difference. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

MRD stands for "Mini-Red Dot" which simply means "Optics Ready". I want to give this gun a full review and make a point and report back. I will cover MRDs and optics in more depth in the download section of this review.

I love this gun, but if you don't do well with 5.7 rounds, it's a pretty big gamble. When you get a cotton gun, you probably won't get your money's worth unless you put some money into the round.

PPT likes PSA, me, not so much. Terrible customer service. They have many products priced below standard prices. If there's no problem with your order then you're golden, but if you do it's a nightmare, wait times are long and they just hang you up without saying a word (happened a few times, I can hear them in the background), no return calls, no emails

etc. I filed a claim with my CC company and finally got their attention. Would I buy from them again? Maybe, but now it's in my dog's house. All Types (1000+) Auctions (124) Classifieds (1000+) I also disagree with the NFA, but I do allow some restrictions on fully automatic weapons in this imperfect world.

However, controlling handgun stocks (less easy to conceal) or keeping the barrel of guns far enough (so they don't lose power) is a stupid waste of a lot of taxpayer money. Good for federal jobs though.

This handle looks large, but is well formed with an elongated shape. Another shooter with smaller hands tested the gun and said it worked for him too, so PSA did a good job finding that middle ground.

The trigger guard and raised beaver tail give you a high grip and help limit minimal recoil. All controls are easily accessible and the magazine version is ambidextrous. This is absolutely true, but scrolling a little further reveals a picture of a person using a forearm as a rifle stock.

As the BATF says, occasional, accidental, shoulder contact is fine, but this chart shows intentional use as a reserve. Depending on the mood at the BATF that day, this could be considered a redesign. Since the BATF is currently reconsidering its stance on gun mounts and anti-gun groups have provided a lot of information, it might not be a good idea to make fun of them.

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The weapon's rear sight has elevation and elevation adjustment functions, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. Sights are high up but provide a good viewing image up close and close. Please don't insult the clown by comparing ATF to the clown.

I had one for my son's birthday party, and when it was over, he took off his costume and proved to me that he was a reasonably smart guy who made a living making kids laugh.

On the other hand, I had to deal with some BATFE guys while buying 22 shipments for my FFL a while back and I can assure you without a doubt that these two idiots are not smart as the only ones I had the pleasure of talking to

clown. The Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal Five-Seven, also known simply as the FN 5.7, was one of the most iconic pistols of the late 90s and early 2000s. The pistol's official name is spelled FN Five-Seven, but most people know it by its short name, "5.7".

Guns are fun to shoot. The ultra-lightweight design helps keep the gun on target and the 5.7 has very little recoil. It measures just 16.9 inches with the base folded and 25.4 inches with the base unfolded, and we found it can pull in either configuration (although using the strap with the base folded is ideal).

If you go out and commit any kind of "crime" with this pistol, you better burn your wallet before you shoot someone with it because of the price of ammo. I can't even find a 5.7 x 28 in any gun store within 50 miles of me.

Trust me, I checked it is now a weapon I have no experience with and I may have to change it. This small package caliber with a 50 shot capacity is a powerful self defense tool!

Cartel's love for Five Seven is really interesting. I bet they have access to various forms of ammo that are usually limited as well.

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