Ruger Sp 101 Review

Ruger Sp 101 Review - Another way to customize the Ruger SP101 is through the grips. I've always liked the square rubber grips on the GP100 and SP101, but the SP comes standard with plastic grip inserts that didn't look great compared to the GP's wooden inserts.

One downside to the SP101 is that the rubber grip can catch on my shirt when I hide it, and I often had to pull that side of my shirt while bending over. Yes, revolvers are not for everyone, neither are cars.

Ruger Sp 101 Review

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Most of us would be fine with either. It's the heavy recoil cartridges where the revolver really shines. I personally have never seen the appeal of .38 Special ammo - if you're going to limit yourself to 5 or 6 rounds, I want them to hit a little harder.

Final Thoughts

But if you have arthritis or can't handle the recoil (or DA pull) for whatever reason, a .357 snubby probably isn't your best bet. From the factory, the SP101 has a few areas that need attention to really shine.

The first stop is traction. While the short grip is great for concealment, it's not so good when it comes to shooting .357 magnum cartridges. I'll give Ruger a plus for putting rubber grips with plastic side plates.

This allows the gun to stay in your hand without sticking to your shirt. Unfortunately, two fingers aren't enough to handle these man-stopper ammo, so I recommend a decent Hogue monogrip. You can get them in rubber or wood.

Rubber is about $20, and wood is closer to $80. The grip frame is rod-shaped, not hollow like Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers. This means that the factory rubber grip is compact and the pole is wrapped in a soft, synthetic material.

Ruger Sp

Replacing the black polymer side panels that used to be standard SP101 fare with engraved hardwood panels is a real upgrade to the aesthetics of this model. The compact factory grip is perfect for my slightly smaller hands, but larger grips are available for those who want them.

Thanks, Mom, and to the previous audience, for sharing your real-world experience of what works for most new shooters. I have read carefully what Ralph, jwm and other wheelgun fans have to say and thanks Dan for the great review, I will be buying one one day.

To achieve the status of a work of art, you need: - Small flat files - Small round files - 120 grit foam sanding block - 400, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 sandpaper - Mother's Mag metal polishing at engineering company Fémáru és Szerszámgépgyár NV.

(Metal Products and Machine Tool Factory Company) in Budapest created a sidearm suitable for military use by combining the R-61 light alloy frame with a 4-inch barrel 9mm Makarov, and thus the PA-63 was born. Totally agree.

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A Brief History Of Ruger

When she introduced my wife to guns (after I introduced myself a few years ago) she liked the Ruger LCR the best of all my guns - and they run the gambit - because there's only one thing to remember - the trigger.

I have an SP101 with a 4.2 inch barrel. I also have a lot of N and L frames, a J frame and a Security Six .357. All have their place in my revolver needs. I love the SP Ruger's weight, balance, portability, and accuracy (fiber optic range).

It has become my "go to the woods"/dog walking weapon. It's surprisingly smooth shooting with all the factory and manual loads I've used. Factory wood/rubber stocks are fine for me, but usually carry a set of Hogues.

This is one of the only large revolvers my wife doesn't mind shooting (I replaced it with a springer, which greatly improved performance). If you want your gun to perform under the truck after taking it down a dirt road, you shouldn't be allowed to have nice things, but the SP101 will still meet your needs.

Doug E

But if you're a gun owner looking for a little more refinement and refinement, the SP101 might be a bit of a diamond in the rough. I bought a brand new blue SP101 .357 last month and one of my cylinder chambers was also too small.

The speed loaders wouldn't drop all the way into the round and it held until I pushed. I sent mine back to the factory (never run it). Ruger replaced the cylinder, "fixed the J point" (whatever that is), tested it, reset the timing, tested it, and sent it back within a week.

I like the Ruger and the S&W - the Ruger is more honest, the S&W more civilized. I am well armed with both. I don't have a holster, but it seems like a good way to get a gun that a pickpocket would steal.

it looks like a small case hanging on a long strap will be clunky and a slow signal. Too hard. Too big. If I only have five shots, I want it to weigh one pound or less if I can Use it in all seasons with my wardrobe.

Wheelgun Wednesday Ruger Sp Review

So it's a trade off for me and really depends on where/how I intend to use the firearm. I'm hoping the trigger will fail in some and by focusing on my form and practice I'll get the accuracy I need with the SP101.

On my first visit to the range with it, I found that I could comfortably shoot more with the SP101 than I could with the 3″ LCRx. There has long been a debate surrounding the .357 Mag.

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of ammunition from lousy barrels. Is the extra recoil and muzzle velocity created by a magnum ammo worth it if the bullet velocity is reduced due to the shorter barrel? Wouldn't it be better to use the milder .38 Special or .38 Special +P loads?

Rather than delving into the subject here, I'd like to invite you to take a look at author Andrew Butts' .357 Mag testing. cartridge, including performance results for the 1.87-inch-barreled Ruger LCR revolver. s3

However There Is A Problem…

="343" height="313" srcset=" png 376w , /uploads/2014/12/s3-300x274.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 343px) 100vw, 343px" /> s4// 300w" sizes="(max width: 3140vx) 343px" /> Ruger is known for its rugged revolvers. And "rugged" means almost indestructible ig They make the kind of sidearm you want to pick up s u on his next hunting trip...even if it's the underworld to get into the head of every Cerberus.

Shooting enthusiasts, new and old alike, will likely agree that snub revolvers, especially when they come in a more powerful caliber like the .357 Mag., can be more challenging than other models. While the SP101's trigger is smooth, it's still quite heavy if you're used to the lighter pull of a semi-auto pistol.

The blued SP101 weighed 11 pounds. 4 oz. double action trigger pull. After depressing the hammer for single-action fire, the trigger broke cleanly and weighed 5 pounds. 9 oz. pressure. Just quickly press and stop the cylinder and it will slide right out.

Take Control…

The one thing I like about the cylinder is that you can throw it back as easily as a western and it really allows you to live the revolver lifestyle by throwing it back into the gun with one flick.

wrist It's awkward because it's a small pistol that weighs almost 30 ounces unloaded. The author suggests a larger grip to better handle the slope, which further reduces the appeal of the heavy weapon. Is that thing still in your pocket with the single handle pictured?

But just the last day after Christmas, my brother and I went shooting and she showed up to do it... well, to be qualified (shooting is not a joy for her like I am, but she understands that she needs to be skilled and comfortable with the ones in our house

guns.Damn I love that woman) and now I've got a crush on the SP101 I posted above. They are no longer intimidated by the hammer and appreciate the reduced recoil that a heavier weapon provides. I'm such that besides a pump action shotgun (Ruger doesn't make one) I only own Rugers, I got rid of everything else.

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Customizing Carrying The Ruger Sp

The Ruger is "the gun you take to hell if you want to come back alive." None of my Rugers have ever needed trigger work; all were brand new. Fancy weapons are like anything fancy - nice to look at but hard to use;

I'll take functional beauty any day. Yes, I've shot a lot of Smiths and none of them have impressed me - none have had better triggers than some of my Rugers. Buy what you want, but if you want the best, buy a Ruger.

Also 100% American made by Americans with American materials. I have one that I've had for years. I'm an older woman who doesn't like a lot of kicks from my gun. I love this revolver. I was fitted with a laser sight and it is now my self defense weapon.

I have to admit I am a true Ruger woman...all my guns are Rugers...I think they are beautiful. It hides quite nicely with a loose fit top...which is not a problem at my age 😉 Another drawback is the trigger.

Final Thoughts

The DOA's trigger pull is 14 pounds when it comes from the factory. You only need 10 pounds of wolf to solve this. hammer spring and a new trigger return spring for easier pull. Several online tutorials show how to disassemble the SP101 and replace the springs.

I was thinking more about how to make the Wesson as tough as the Ruger. Toughness is a key characteristic of most Rugers and an owner can appreciate them easily enough, but probably impossible to sharpen at a blacksmith's or stallion's house.

But if you have a spare gun, I have port loads :). I actually agree with that - if you have the time, you can train most people to use most weapons effectively (note "most" not "but all").

My position remains that a complete beginner, especially one with relatively weak hands who needs immediate SD capabilities, is better off with a good quality DA revolver until they can get used to something else if necessary.

Range Time

This year, as a year-end release, Ruger fans who have been waiting for a blue version of the SP101 finally get their wish with the classic 2.25” barreled 5-shot .357 mag. Chris Killoy, Ruger's president and general manager, explained, “We've had several customer requests for this new model and are excited to add it to the lineup.” The advantage of entry-level revolvers is that they're easy to handle mentally, not physically.

For example, the first time I had my wife shoot, I caught her forgetting to remove the magazine before checking the chamber (thus putting a round in the chamber, thinking the chamber was empty). cases. If someone wants an easy to pick up gun and doesn't want to do a lot of training and practice, a revolver is still the best choice.

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One note about today's production SP101 is that the MSRP has increased significantly since I bought mine almost 20 years ago, as it is now $889 for the standard models and $949 for the 4-inch models.

While I can't comment on external pricing compared to the Ruger's MSRP, that may be a factor to consider, along with the five-shot capacity for those looking to pick up their own. I really liked mine and have no regrets carrying it in semi-auto all these years, and even though I switched to a pistol, I still have my SP101 as a backup CCW.

And For Women…

I've always liked the Ruger design to be very easy to take down and maintain. As for the SP101 as it is - have a few of them and the triggers were as good or better than the S&W's I shot with no work - and why would you want to mess up the look with filing and polishing?

- So be it - the SP101 looks like a real gun, not a safety queen - these pistols were meant to be used Overall, the SP101 lacks the smoothness and edge of its arch-rival, the Smith & Wesson Model 60, but it more than makes up for it in weight with its extraordinary durability, excellent ergonomics, and excellent shooting characteristics

. Although this revolver has less firepower than some would like after five rounds, this revolver still really protects you when carrying it for concealed purposes, such as using a car pistol or driving in the desert.

The Ruger SP101 is probably as indestructible as muzzleloader revolvers will ever get and is definitely your number one pistol if you want Magnum power tightly packed into a tight but powerful revolver. The only real flaw I see in an otherwise good article is that the 357 SIG is almost comparable in power to the 357 magnum.

This is a newbie comment and someone who doesn't understand ballistics. Five-shot, .38 Special .357 Magnum and 9mm are some options. Another is the six-shot, .327 Federal Magnum in .32 H&R Magnum. There is also an eight-shot, .22 Long Rifle SP101 version.

There are also plenty of front sights, as well as action packs, glass bead blowing and porting. If the SP101 is your primary weapon of choice, you should take a closer look at some of the available options.

I have to wonder if the author is comparing .357s to .357s here. According to the S&W and Ruger websites, the SP101 DAO with a 2.25" barrel weighs 25 grams, while the S&W J-frame 640 weighs 23. As far as I know, J-frames are still not designed to stay stable.

diet with full power. 357s love SP, so 2 extra ounces and an extra 1/8" barrel doesn't seem like something that was designed primarily as a club. The 642 weighs only 15 ounces, but it's a .38 Special with a 1 7/8-inch barrel and aluminum frame that would blast first-time .357-powered cartridges.

Maybe he's exaggerating.

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