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Ruger Super Redhawk 480 - Consult your Quickload reloading software and you will find that 2000 psi. The difference barely affects speed. Depending on the load and powder, the 480 Ruger's low case capacity is much more important than 2000 psi.

Map difference. 480 SRH can be loaded longer than COAL and make a difference (475 Linbaugh SAAMI COAL has practically the same performance level) but I doubt most guns chambered for 475 Linbaugh are SAAMI. Can be loaded for a long time.

Ruger Super Redhawk 480

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But I don't know for sure - I only load the 480 Ruger SRH and I love the gun! Alaska's adjustable sights aren't very good, they look very plain and silly. That said, I found them more than adequate for relatively close shooting purposes.

The Redhawk’s Return

This means that anything within 50 yards or the size of a paper plate will be punched through a large hole. Like the .454 Casull version of the Super Redhawk, the .480's cylinder is machined from a special high-strength steel called "465 Carpenter," which is Ruger's tortured steel.

Repeatedly exceeding 65,000 psi means that only the .454 Casull can pull it off. The cylinder walls are thinner on the .480 iteration, and the maximum pressure specifications for the .480 Ruger are significantly lower than Dick Casull's Wonder cartridge.

Weighing in at 53 ounces with a regular-length barrel, the Ruger Super Redhawk is one of the most powerful production double-action revolvers available. It features rugged, heavy-duty all-stainless steel construction with a satin finish. The revolver has a distinctive look thanks to a long, square frame paired with a rounded weighted bull barrel.

My first shot was a double lunge at 30 yards, but despite the fatal wound, I also fired my ph shot to land on the fleeing animal to prevent the buffalo from going into the water and making recovery difficult.

Ruger’s Decision To Pull The Super Redhawk Srh In Ruger From Production Several Years Back Sent A Shockwave Through The Ranks Of Aficionados Across The Land But Now The Big Bore Is Back — With A Vengeance

. Of course, I am of the mindset that a hunter will shoot until his game improves. The 1,500-pound bull traveled less than 25 yards and reached the .480 Ruger. I'm glad the .480 Ruger SRH is back.

Significantly less? The difference in SAAMI maximum mean pressure (MAP) between the two cartridges is only 2000 psi. (48,000 vs. 50,000): I believe this is the extra margin Ruger engineers wanted to fit six 475 caliber cartridges into the SRH-liberhootmade.

Super Egypt. Ruger Redhawk Review.Ruger Super Redhawk Action:    Double action revolver Caliber:   ..480 Ruger Barrel:   t: Fiist 7.5 inch front / 6st ju   capable rear

Capacity Shot Weight: 53 oz. (Empty) Trigger: 4.0 lbs. (Single Action) Grip: Hogue Tamer Monogrip Overall Length: 13 inches SRP: $1,080 Website: The first handful of factory loads offered to the public did not reveal the true potential of this cartridge and its aggressive

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Powerful Vs Big

Overwhelmed by marketing. 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. Later, the .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum. The lightest load had a 275-grain jacketed hollow point, while the other two loads had 325-grain bullets and an advertised 1,325 fps.

But let's go back to 2001. Ruger has released a new Super Redhawk in a proprietary cartridge called (the first cartridge to carry the Ruger moniker), and it's gorgeous in a love-it-or-hate-it target gray finish. After returning to California from work overseas, as was my norm these days, after being away for a year, I stopped by my local gun shop to say hello (and buy more guns, of course).

In the display case, I was drawn to it like a light, the new .480 Ruger Super Redhawk, in all its gray glory and big-bore perfection. .44 Mag., .480 Ruger, .454 Casull, .475 Linbaugh and .

.500 S&W All of them offer certain advantages and of course great power. But given a choice, I think the .480 Ruger offers the best balance of power and shootability. With the re-release of the .480 Ruger Super Redhawk in 2013, I was optimistic that this combination of gun and ammunition was finally here to stay.

But in the time between receiving a factory-fresh .480 for testing and the publication of Ruger's 2014 catalog, once again the .480 Super Readhawk fell off the production schedule. Hope it comes back soon. Considering the purpose I originally mentioned these wheel guns for, they shot very well.

As a serious sport defense pistol, it should definitely hit what you aim for. Despite considerable recoil from the heavy weight, I found both pistols comfortable enough to control. Of course, it would be different if someone charged at me in anger, but I'd like to think I could shoot them enough to hit a moving target at a dangerous distance.

The Super Redhawk platform can handle the most powerful revolver cartridges ever made. Looks may not be for everyone, but to me there is pure beauty in function, and if beauty is measured by function, the .480 Ruger's Super Redhawk is the queen of the universe.

The simplicity of the Alaska's design makes it quick to deploy, and the double-action design makes it ideal for a gun that needs to be holstered and fired quickly in the face of danger. The reliable operating system precisely positions the furious front chamber for hit after hit with hard-hitting power.

Nice review but I have to take issue with one thing. "Personally" I've always thought the 8 3/8" version of their revolver was "too much". But I'd consider it a loss if they stopped making them. I have a lot of S&W's, but

Never been long. One...maybe I'm just making up my mind. Will change. I don't think it's particularly helpful to say "I'm fine" if Ruger stops making the 9.5″ version of the .480 SRH. Gives. Actually, some of us do. Alaska is big enough to work in bear country, but it flies. Small enough to bring on a fishing trip. Even if you're in the cold white north.

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I'm not, so that's always a relief. Nice, strong sidearm easy. That heavy piece of steel that travels laps through the incredibly dark and remote forests of northern Montana and Idaho. I relaxed. Spent plenty of time to appreciate the . The extra 2.75 pounds was worth it to me. Shot a lot of .44 Magnum over the years, so shooting the Redhawk was nothing new. A comfortable grip that made the pistol easy to control.

Shop for the best It is I saw the grip right away. The .454 Casull pistol had a little more power in the rear and you could feel it. Recoil and muzzle blast are comparable, with Casull surprisingly showing slightly more.

I was shooting 225-grain Hornady FTX ammunition in the .44 Magnum model, and I shot Hornady's 300-grain flat point in .454. It's not uncommon for gun manufacturers to get caught up in this so-called commercial arms race from time to time.

For example, not long ago, several companies attempted to produce a pocket-sized .380 ACP version to compete with Ruger's popular LCP pistol. As of this writing, we're still in the single-stack 9mm concealment pistol race, which has had little impact on the success of the Ruger LC9 pistol.

Hogue's excellent tamer grips are now standard on all Super Redhawk models, a welcome addition. Adding these grips is a change I have made to every SRH in the past. The Tamers come with an integral Sorbathin insert in the backstrap area that rests in your wristband, right where hard-kicking double-action revolvers dole out their punishment.

Another pleasant surprise was the creep-less trigger pull, which came in at just south of four pounds in single-action mode. Over the years, the .480 Ruger Super Redhawk, albeit a .44 Mag, has been in and out of production.

And the .454 Casull versions remain stable. For a time, the six-shot cylinder of the .480 was traded for a five-shot cylinder to solve some of the ejection problems. In 2013, the six-shot version was reissued with a 7.5-inch barrel as the standard version and the Alaska model with a 2.5-inch barrel.

For this review, it was the new 7.50-inch version that was tested. The big news for 2014 is the return of the .480 Ruger Super Redhawk. Plagued by sticky ejection since its launch in 2001, the once-again, once-again .480 Ruger SRH is back for good.

At first glance, the new .480 SRH is essentially the same. Under closer inspection, some differences present themselves, particularly the front end and what it's attached to. At the range, the .480 Ruger proved perfectly reliable with all test ammunition.

Reloading revolvers on the range or in the field is made much easier with high-quality speed loaders, but they are not easy to find for less popular calibers. Thankfully, 5 Star Firearms offers high-end CNC machined aluminum speed loaders and loading blocks for a variety of revolvers, including the .480 Ruger.

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The 5-star loaders slid out of the grip without a hitch and dropped a round into the chamber with ease. Ruger .480 Redhawk Review.wp-content/uploads/Ruger-480-Redhawk-Review-3-768x476.jpg 768w,,35 696w, -3-677x420.jpg 677w, 1000w" sizes="(max width: 300px) 100vx, 30 > Think about it: If Ruger doesn't make a revolver in .480 Ruger, why does anyone else? Did Ruger sound the death knell for the .480? Apparently not, as the .480 SRH is back.

, seasoned, ready to relax and wreak havoc on the hunt. Now it's okay to relax and let your guard down. I've always been a fan of Rugers revolvers, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that

I love Super Redhawk There's a lot to like about Lasca. No, it's just a simple beautiful design. The gun has all the classic and sexy features of the old western heroes we've seen since childhood, but has enough modern flair to appeal as a modern firearm.

The front sight is a removable orange ramp and the rear is a white outline square deck fully adjustable for both windage and height. The revolver's top strap is welded to form the base for Ruger's proprietary integral sight mounting system.

Two stainless steel, 1-inch range rings are shipped with the revolver and the scope can be attached without removing the rear sight. When the push-button cylinder release is depressed, the six-shot cylinder rotates counterclockwise and swings to the left side of the frame.

When closed, the cylinder is supported by a triple locking design for proper alignment. Pure power encased in cold-hardened steel, the 480 Ruger for sale is a line of revolvers with solid construction and reliable performance that you need for concealed carry, home defense, or backcountry hunting.

Chambered in .480 Ruger, a hard-hitting proprietary round with unmatched stopping power, these wheelguns feature rubber or western-style wooden grips with ergonomic finger grooves, traditional double or quickfire single action, satin with cold hammers. Features stainless steel frames.

Barrel, double mechanism to prevent accidental firing and adjustable sights. For a versatile, extremely powerful handgun of exceptional quality at an affordable price, nothing beats Omaha Outdoors' Ruger 480 revolver. This match will be played in Argentina.

I booked a water buffalo hunt in Buenos Aires province with Caza y Safaris ( I loaded CEV's 340-grain solid bullets (made of copper) at exactly 1,300 fps. In milder weather we spent hours playing cat and mouse with a small herd of buffalo.

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Despite the large chambers for the Redhawk, this wheelgun isn't too big to be cumbersome. The short barrel makes it a decent gun to carry in a holster, even if you're busy with other activities. Alaska would be a good choice for anglers looking for an 800-pound salmon or close encounters with some rough country.

A cylinder of a powerful revolver carries more than just a loaded cartridge. They also carry something mysterious. Every old western movie always had a big iron to do justice to the hero. While that's not our goal here today, it's good to remember.

Today, we take a closer look at the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan. Ruger .480 Redhawk Review. The junk gun didn't disappoint with the range. I mounted a new Super Redhawk with an Ultradot 30 red dot-style sight mounted in Ruger's 30mm rings (the rings supplied with the SRH are the 25mm or one-inch type).

Not the ideal setup for shooting groups off the bench, I was more concerned with performance on the playing field. Although the .480 Ruger appears to be a more moderate cartridge compared to some of its larger-bore counterparts, it is by no means a powder puff load.

The Hogue grip did an excellent job of minimizing recoil. However, with or without the cushioned grip, the .480 cartridge does not produce the painful hand strike of the .454 Casull. Super Redhawks' impressive power isn't the only thing that makes them stand out when shooting.

Both models felt fantastic in the hand, the soft rubber Hogue grips made them very easy to shoot. I was also struck by the quality of the operation, with smooth controls and a very clean-breaking trigger, adding to the superior feel of these pistols.

I really enjoyed shooting the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan pistols. Despite the impressive power, they are still very fun pistols to shoot and can serve as a defensive firearm for you. Perhaps the most important aspect of a pistol is that it is fun enough to shoot so that you don't dread it when the time comes to use it.

Having enjoyed shooting a pistol as much as I do, I think it will not be difficult for me to acquire the appropriate level of proficiency to shoot well under pressure. The pistol's quality finish is also built to last.

Alaska is constructed of stainless steel and is protected from harsh weather. The clean-break trigger, triple-locked cylinder and sophisticated exchange bar allow the gun to serve its power with precision, accuracy and safety. Bushnell Elite 2-6x32 mm.

The scope features a single weatherproof aluminum tube designed to withstand heavy recoil and multi-coated optics that provide a clear, bright field of view. The audible click windage and elevation adjustment knobs are set to 1/4 MOA and the fast focus zoom adjustment can be locked with the turn of a screw.

So how did gun reviewers and consumers respond to Ruger's sleek, smooth big-bore revolver? In short, it failed for two main reasons. First, Ruger was guilty of offering a well-balanced hunting cartridge to a shooting market hungry for something bigger and badder than what the next guy was shooting.

Second, the new Super Redhawk arrived when Smith & Wesson introduced its massive five-shot X-Frame revolver chambered in the .500 S&W Magnum, still considered the world's most powerful handgun cartridge. The behemoth Smith & Wesson .50-caliber cartridge stole any thunder the .480 Ruger might have had.

As a result, the .480 Ruger cartridge quietly slipped off the shooting media scene without ever having a real chance to shine.

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