Sig 1911 Scorpion Review

Sig 1911 Scorpion Review - 5” Barrel – A 5” barrel allows you to focus more on your target due to the longer sight radius. The longer barrel also adds weight to the front of the gun, giving you more stability when aiming the gun.

So I had very low expectations for the SIG Sauer 1911. I shoot terribly with my Para 1911. I love shooting it because it's a lot of fun. It's a 9mm pistol, so it doesn't cost an arm or a leg, but I just can't hit the broad side of the barn with it.

Sig 1911 Scorpion Review

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Tell Tacops Features

If you have any questions about an item, please call or email for more information before placing your order. This is not to say that Sig 1911 pistols are prettier than Kimber pistols, but some people think so.

If you do, then you prefer Sig pistols. The patina effect that the Sig Sauer finish creates is certainly interesting and they have very modern grips. It's a platform that has been widely copied and improved upon by many manufacturers, and SIG Sauer has also taken the design and made it their own using 1911-inspired pistols.

The 1911 typically features a single-stack magazine, thumb safety brake, exceptional ergonomics, and a single-action trigger. SIG's 1911 Series handguns feature all-metal frames, handguards, and strong, durable construction. In other words, it's the kind of gun that would make a 1911's dad proud.

SIG Sauer has managed to seamlessly transfer this original concept into the 21st century. Mr. RevolverGuy, I never carry a new gun until it is proven. Because it had just over 500 trouble free rounds, at least 100 of which were hollow point ammo.

History Of Sig Sauer And The S

I only recently started wearing it. I guess about 5 days now. No wear yet. But I'll keep everyone posted. I can't give up 1911s for the wrong reasons; mainly the LOOK (Yes, I'll admit it - they just look to me how a pistol should look, absolutely stunning in a display case.) and tradition, which is almost the same as looks.

But I have one positive note. I have a Colt 1991 series with a 80 series firing system, model 01991 5 inch barrel. No jam straight out of the box. I've only shot 200 rounds so I think I hear they break down after 201 rounds but so far so good.

22LR version of SIG's 1911. With a 10-round capacity, wooden grips and contrasting sights, this is a great version of the classic 1911. This variant is no longer listed on the SIG Sauer website, but is still available.

MSRP $419. Seriously? Break a gun in with 500 to 2000 rounds to see if you can get it to perform as it should? Doesn't most 45 ACP ammo cost at least 50 cents per round?

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Sig Sauer Nightmare Variant Review

So blow another $1000 with this hack? This is so wrong. I don't buy the "novice shooter" excuse. If it is designed to be used as a carry gun in critical situations, it should be able to fire and cycle independently of the grip.

Perfect reach is not always possible in an emergency, and such a complicated weapon is better left at home and used as a paperweight. P238 hates to be dirty. Keep it with a clean wrist the little guy rips a big hole in the paper, that's BG.

Personally, I've never had a problem with Sig. But I rolled the guy with the 238 and he got one stovepipe after another and he gave it to me with a fresh mag and I had no problems... The other Dude is a Sig 1911 and he shoots really well and has had no issues yet.

But thanks Nick, we all appreciate you and everyone else at ttag. As jealous as we all are, my son has a new Sig 1911 and a 226. I have an SP2022 and a P250. I have to say we have had no problems with any of them and I believe they are all made in Exeter.

Grips And Magazine Releases

Last weekend we shot a 1911 for the first time. We went through 500 wall rounds and not one FTF or FTE. I'm really surprised at all the posters that had issues. I hope it won't cause us any problems.

I really liked the gun. I had the same errors when feeding from a full size Sig Scorpion. The shutter stop was poor, which seems to have alleviated the shutter lock issue after the last round, but I would consider tolerances to be the main issue.

Not everyone is into SAO style and this gun is not for them. I'll tell you right now. I managed to get some solid groups with different types of rounds. I've since taken it to the track and had no more problems.

I've only put about 100 rounds through it and only shot the cheapest bullet I could find. The only thing I don't like about the gun are the thicker grips, which are great for grabbing that handful of shells, but make it nearly impossible to reach the slide without dislocating the grip, and I have pretty big hands.

Sig Sauer Spartan Variant Review

I'm also not very happy with the documentation. The manual is not only correct for my gun, it is terrible. The parts exploded diagram looks like someone pulled it off a short bus and the sig is online.

A compilation video is a youtube video filmed by a private person. We would have liked to do it ourselves, but someone already made a half-baked video, so here's the link. Unbelievable! Then there is a lock-in, so to speak.

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Appearance is part of what makes an object attractive to us (read The Botany of Desire; it turns out that plants even evolved to be beautiful, so things ate them and the species multiplied!), although what looks good to a person A is different than

what looks good on person B. Some features of the SIG 1911 Tacops are unique to this particular pistol, especially since it is an older 1911 series pistol. Most 1911 models do not have a Picatinny rail.

Grip And Ergonomics

That's the case with this gun though. We will talk more about this later. Capacity – The .45 ACP 1911 only holds 8 rounds and is a huge disadvantage in real combat as your opponent may be armed with a higher powered handgun.

This puts you at a huge disadvantage and also requires you to carry a lot of magazines, which may not always be feasible. The original standard capacity of the classic pistol was 7 rounds and this particular model has 8 rounds.

The Target full-size model comes with (2) 8-round steel magazines. There is also an option to purchase an extended 10 or 15 wing magazine. However, this is not an official SIG product, so do your research before ordering an extended magazine to make sure it fits your gun.

Did you add a buffer to the sig? The kind that sits right on the cylinder lug behind the return spring? It's a small, usually plastic device that often helps with long-term wear on the gun, but I found that my Sig did NOT like it.

The Sig Sauer

It was much better without it, but with all the annoyance Scorpio has given me, it will find a better home elsewhere. Second is the available features. Do you want something simple but elegant and at a good price?

The two-tone and stainless line gives you that, and it's under $1,000. .45 instead of 9mm caliber? Most of them are available in this chamber. Tactical power? Try the TLE/RL II or Warrior lines. competition weapon?

Say hello to the Gold Match line. Laser? have you reprimanded them? You wish. 10mm for hunting pigs? There too and so on and so on. However, they do not have the same architecture as Kimber products;

They have individual models so you need to know what you are looking for. They have government, commander, carrier and officer frames available so they have them all. Some models are available in 9mm, at least one is available in .357 Sig, and all are of course available in .45 ACP.

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Kimber Or Sig Which Is Better?

I think we have developed an expectation to live in a perfect world. This is not. Sometimes we have to work on it (and send the guns back to the factory). Thank goodness we have the ability to buy pistols, shoot them, and complain about them!

Inside is everything from SIGgy. The Nitron has a firing pin similar to the P226, which prevents the thing from going forward unless the trigger is pulled. There is also a strange protrusion on the back of the slide.

I have no idea what it does, other than it prevents the gun from being assembled. I didn't get a good picture of it, but you can be sure it's pretty annoying and not common for a 1911.

SIG made a few minor changes: a skeletonized hammer, a beavertail grip safety, an external extractor, and an adjustable trigger. All of this is to be expected from a gun that retails for about a grand.

Sig Sauer Scorpion Variant Review

Missing from the "Greatest Hits" of high-priced 1911s: the bull barrel. SIG opted for a precision machined liner instead. The thing about the Kimber 1911 is that Kimber pistols have some serious class in their looks.

They clean damn well. The basic Two Tone line is a very nice selection of pistols indeed, and that continues into their custom shop guns. They don't really make a GI-spec Plain Jane model to speak of;

they leave it to others. I have 2 Sig 1911's, A 5" and a 4 1/4". I think I have 2 good ones. The 5″ was bought in 2011 and the Nitron 3 weeks ago. Both work perfectly with factory ammo, hollow points and my underpowered lead reloads.

Sorry to hear you have Leamon. Sig Sauer isn't exactly known for its 1911-style pistols. They only started production in 2004 when they made the SIG Sauer GSR or Granite series of railguns. They were obviously the same pattern as the Colt M1911 style pistol.

Advantages Over Competition

All errors were either chamber errors or feed errors. For 1911s, FTC and FTF numbers usually indicate a bad magazine. no I tested the pistol with two standard issue factory magazines. Both had failures in equal proportion.

So I grabbed some full size Wilson Combat magazines I had and let them run. Same results. \ I have no problem admitting my bias, but I recently had the opportunity to hold a few 1911 style pistols here.

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So I checked them out and the 9mm chambered SIG 1911 tacops are no different. The Target full size does not come with an accessory rail and some prefer it that way. In my opinion, loading such a pistol with accessories is counterproductive.

But accessories are so personal and subjective that there is no right or wrong. A rail is a rail. Unless you're interested in attaching a light or laser to it, it's pretty much useless. If there are no fences, get some quality night vision goggles and you're good to go.

Speaking of sights... Since both pistols are made by SIG, they share a number of similarities. For example, both have SIGLITE night vision goggles and both have a Novak style rear sight. Both fronts have a checkered grip tape and an extended and knurled magazine release.

Both also have an external extractor rather than the internal extractor of the original Colt M1911. Both come with two extended eight round magazines and bumpers, both hold 4.25? Commander barrel and both have a strong trigger and a skeletonized hammer stock with a tapered beavertail grip.

This pistol is reliable and accurate. For testing, I set a 6-inch target at 100 feet (indoors). 15 shots fired. 12 of the 15 were in the 4 inch or so group. 3 were an inch longer than I intended.

Good enough to stop a bad guy because they were in the head. The 1911 Fastback Carry Nightmare features a rounded G10 grip that prevents snagging and gives the shooter a firm grip on the weapon.

The frame and slide are made of stainless steel and finished with nitron. SAO triggers of course. MSRP $1,244. When I contacted SIG SAUER to tell them about the "challenges", they said I was the only person having these problems.

So it's entirely possible that I just got a lemon and everyone else is enjoying themselves with their super reliable 1911 handguns. But it wouldn't be the truth about guns if I didn't honestly and accurately report how the gun worked.

Or, in this case, it didn't work.

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