Sig P238 Vs P938

Sig P238 Vs P938 - The two-tone and stainless editions will likely be the most enticing options for anyone deciding between the Micro 9 and P938 pistols. They offer extremely similar performance to the compact 9mm Sig Sauer but at a significantly lower price point.

Their MSRP is only $654.00. The Kimber has a thumb safety on the left side, like a 1911A1 government configuration. It's easy for a right-handed shooter to manipulate the safety with the thumb of the firing hand, although the SIG offers slightly more surface area than the safety and is a little easier to manipulate.

Sig P238 Vs P938

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The barrel length of the pistols in this range is 3.15 inches, so they are inherently slightly larger than the P938. However, the overall size difference is negligible. Also, the Micro 9 weighs 15.6 pounds with an empty magazine.

Sig Px Vs Sig P

So it's not as heavy as the P938, at least on paper. Norman is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and SSI Assistant Instructor. Unfortunately, he suffered physical injuries while on duty, including fractured vertebrae and injuries to his knees and shoulder, which led to multiple surgeries.

Her service included Operation Restore Hope in Somalia and Desert Storm in Kuwait. Norman takes great pride in his service and time in the Marine Corps and does not address his injuries or anything negative about his life.

He enjoys writing and sharing his vast knowledge of firearms, particularly AR rifles and tactical gear. He lives in Kansas with his wife Shirley and their two German Shepherd dogs, Troy and Reagan. However, keep Flint in mind if you plan on carrying it in your pocket.

Flint will accumulate around the hammer area if you keep your weapon in your pocket. Luckily, there's nothing a quick blast of compressed air can't put out. A notable exception, however, is the P938-22 Target Micro-Compact, the .22LR caliber version.

Who Is The P Designed For?

The barrel length of this model is slightly longer, measuring 4.1 inches. Additionally, this is the most affordable model in the P938 lineup with an MSRP of $651.00. The pistol came in a soft case with two magazines, each with an extended rubber butt plate that served as a thumb rest.

The bottom is rounded on all edges. In fact, the Micro 9's edges are rounded so it won't snag and allows for a smooth draw from a deep stash. I was able to fit five rounds in a 3.1" group using Armscor 124-grain FMJ ammo.

On average, the gun grouped 3.5 inches. In terms of accuracy, I'd say the SIG and Kimber were comparable. For the quick testing phase, I preferred the SIG's toothy texture as it felt good in my hand with no discomfort.

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The front grip strap is checkered and has a checkered plastic insert in the back strap - lots of texture without being scratchy in the hand. Kimber laser grips are thinner to grip. A number of acquaintances of varying skill and marksmanship who own the P238 do not find the weapon difficult to control at all.

What Is Comparable To The Sig P?

In fact, everyone has independently observed how natural the gun is to aim and how well it seems to present itself to the target, and how comfortable and easy it is to fire. Nobody noticed that the pistol would be better suited for an expert.

The P238 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small, lightweight weapon that is still powerful and accurate. It is perfect for concealed carry and can easily be carried in a purse or pocket.

If you are looking for a compact pistol that packs a punch, the Sig Sauer P238 is the pistol for you. All standard models have a 3 inch barrel and weigh 16 oz. In addition, all P938 pistols use an external hammer paired with an SAO trigger.

The pull force is given as 7.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs. But that doesn't mean it's the right weapon for everyone. To help you narrow down your options, we've put together a SIG Sauer P938 review.

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To See Me?

We'll cover all the main features, plus the pros and cons. There are a few options to choose from in the P938 line. For this review, we focused on model #938-9-BSS-AMBI. This particular model comes with a polymer grip and a black finish.

If you like something a little more extravagant, we recommend checking out the Spartan or Blackwood models. Fortunately, however, this is a SIG firearm and is packed with safety features. First, there is a manual security.

We understand this won't make every shooter smile, but most will. Plus, the design is simple enough to teach you to detach during the pumping cycle. The P238 is a small gun, measuring just under five inches long and less than four inches high.

It weighs just over 15 ounces when unloaded, making it one of the lightest pistols on the market. The P238 has a two-tone finish with a black slider and stainless steel frame. The grips are Hogue Extreme G-Mascus G-Mascus Rosewood.

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But There’s A Lot More To The Story…

The P365 comes with a standard 10-round magazine and optional 12- and 15-round magazines. The extra rounds allow for a good pistol grip, especially if you have big hands. On the other hand, the Sig P938 has a 6-round magazine, while other models have 7-round magazines.

When you are sure you can proceed, align the carriage stop and break the notch. Then push the slide latch out and away from the gun frame. Then you can slightly lift the recoil spring and guide rod.

The Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG) looks like a scaled-down 1911 government model with its rounded top and internal extractor. The fit and finish are well-executed and proven through testing. The model was fitted with Crimson Trace laser grips, which I believe improve the tiny pistol's close-range shootability.

The Micro 9 has slightly more hammer face than the SIG, so it's a little easier to cock, although neither was difficult. The Micro 9 has a slightly larger beavertail than the SIG, so narrow-minded testers will feel more comfortable shooting with the Kimber.

What Is The Difference Between P And P Legion?

I just bought a P238 ASE and it has the same recoil as my Ruger SR22!!!!! I can shoot quite well out to 15 yards with 8" groups,,,,,,,,,7 yards and 2" groups. Not picky about ammo, no failures after 1000 rounds... eats FMJ and HP with no problems.

I still can't believe how little recoil this gun has, my Sig P232 has way more recoil and is way heavier. They love this pistol, my Sig 1911 9mm Match Elite is a work of art!

I used the magazine with the thumb rest on the floor for most testing as I liked that setup better. The ending was executed well at SIG - no surprises. I expected the SIG to work, and it did.

But first, let's look at what makes the SIG different from the Kimber. Both weapons worked perfectly. At close range, the Kimber Micro 9mm is accurate and easy to use. The laser allows for faster aiming in the dark, while the full-size sight makes aiming easier.

Say P Vs Beretta Tomcat

I like all the smooth edges and the beaver tail. The Micro 9 uses a swing hammer and single-action, short-action trigger set at the factory at 7.0lbs. Compared to the P938, the Micro 9's trigger is a bit softer.

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Additionally, all Micro 9 editions feature an ambidextrous thumb safety, with the magazine release again being present only on the left side. The main difference between the two pistols are the upgrades that come with the P38 Legion.

These upgrades make the Legion a more suitable choice for self-defense and tactical applications. If you are looking for an all-purpose pistol, the P38 is your best option. However, if you are looking for a specific pistol for self-defense or tactical use, the P38 Legion is your best bet.

Sig Sauer's P938 range is based on the proven P238 platform and is optimized for concealed carry. It's an all-metal design with a lightweight anodized aluminum alloy frame. The slide is now made of stainless steel, either blank or with a nitron coating.

What About The Controls?

As you can probably guess, Sig Sauer designed the P938 specifically for two types of shooters. The first and most obvious are those with the smallest hands. We've found the P938 to be a great option for those who don't have bear paws for hands.

The P238 is an all-metal pistol with a stainless steel slide and aluminum alloy frame. It has a single double action trigger and a manual safety lever located on the left side of the frame. The pistol comes with a six-round magazine, and seven- and eight-round magazines are available as an option.

I agree 100% with Don P. Very little felt recoil in this gun. Shoot where I shoot it. Accuracy is perfect. When I read that it has a "grip safety" I knew the author had never handled this pistol in his life.

He spent a lot of time writing this article, too bad he did it based on unverified sources. I wonder how many people have passed on this great weapon based on this review? I agree it's expensive but for my money it's worth it.

Glock Vs Sig P

The SIG P238 is a sub-compact .380 ACP pistol. It is similar in size to the Ruger LCP and Kel-Tec P-3AT. The P238 has a metal frame and a stainless steel slide. It is a single-action pistol with a spurless hammer.

The P238 has SIG's "Night Sights" which are tritium filled dots on the front and rear sights. The P238 also has a beavertail grip safety. The P238 is chambered in .380 ACP and has a 6+1 capacity.

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The barrel length is 2.7 inches and the overall length is 5.5 inches. The width is 1.1 inches and the height is 3.9 inches. The weight is 15.2 ounces. The SIG P238 is a good choice for a concealed carry pistol.

It's small, light and has a good view. It's also a very reliable weapon. The undercut allows every shooter a higher grip, better control and a flatter shooting experience. On the other hand, the front cocking serrations of the Sig Sauer P938 add versatility to this compact pistol.

What Is The Difference Between Sig P And Sig Px?

The SIG features an external puller and an ambidextrous thumb safety that's a little easier to manipulate than the Kimber. There's a bit more metal so I can toggle it on and off without drastically changing my grip.

While both the SIG Emporer Scorpion P938 and Kimber Micro 9 use a 1911-style platform, these two micro shooters differ in their aesthetics, controls, and ergonomics. The Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG) with laser grip and the SIG Emperor Scorpion P938 are both 9mm micro pistols with barrels of 3" and 3.3" respectively and a single-stack magazine clearly designed for concealed carry.

The P238 is far from expensive unless you consider a brand new P238 in the box with 3 magazines, night vision goggles and Hogue grips expensive at $440 (including shipping) at an FFL. Certainly not. There are a number of more expensive models, but the blanket statement that the P238 is almost unaffordable is simply inaccurate.

We suspect that in most cases, a buyer's choice comes down to looks. All we know for sure is that we wouldn't mind wearing a P938 or a Micro 9 as both perform well and have great finishes at their disposal.

Sig P Vs Xl

One of the most interesting aspects of the P238 is its size; At just under five inches long and under four inches tall, it is one of the smallest handguns on the market. Yet despite its small size, it still packs a punch and fires .380 ACP rounds.

The P238 also has great accuracy for its size, thanks in part to its three-dot sighting system.

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