Sig P365 Vs 365Xl

Sig P365 Vs 365Xl - Easy to carry in any design, these pistols are ultra-light, ultra-thin, and pack a punch. The P365 XL isolates you to 12 and 15 round magazines, while the standard P365 allows for 10, 12 and 15 round magazines.

Too bad Tyler, hell, I'll be so invested in the Hellcat Pro by then, it won't matter. Sales, not engineering, drives the bus at Sig. I'm not holding my breath waiting for a magazine that sells for about $75 a copy when it comes out.

Sig P365 Vs 365Xl

The Sig P365 Xl: A Really Good PistolSource:

I saw 10-15 X-Macros for sale at a gun show in my area last weekend. A ported slide is not a trigger for a concealed carry pistol. Being an early adopter sucks. On this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves tests the new SIG P365KSL Specter Comp.

A Comprehensive Analysis

This gun was designed to be the ultimate EDC gear, but is it a good idea to carry a compensated P365XL? How is your night vision? What about a compensator that would cause damage if a discharge at close range?

How about a $1,200 price tag? James banishes the Specter Comp in today's video. Personally I think you should buy a shotgun and a box of ammo for home defense. I just bought mine from "masterpiecefirearm" and they are reliable and very affordable so I keep coming back.

All categories of guns and ammunition online. Order yours today for home defense or concealed carry. There is no doubt that the SIG P365 revolutionized small pistols. It's a concealed pocket rocket that holds 10 rounds, instead of the 6 rounds most guns hold.

Small size and high capacity make it an excellent firearm. I've had one for years and it has been my constant companion. It's small, easy to shoot, reliable and gives me options. Now, a few years later, the debate intensifies.

Feel In The Hand How They Differ How They Are The Same

Looking at P365 vs P365kl, which one is better for concealed carry? My P365 V/TLR-6 can go big with 12 or 15 round magazines. But your P365XL will never be small enough to be a miniature pistol - which totally defeats the whole idea of ​​something you have to carry 365 days a year.

The larger grip of the P365X may also affect its shooting ability, although I almost always carry the original with the extended 12-round magazine, which is about the same length as the X-series. I will say that without that 12 round mag, the original P365 would have been a bit short, leaving the pinky hanging a bit at the bottom of the grip looking for a home.

I'm still able to shoot it pretty accurately, but I prefer the longer grip. Controls are the same between standard models. The standard P365 comes in a version with thumb protection, the XL model doesn't. Both the P365 and P365 XL are ergonomic and well-designed weapons.

Both pistols feel great in the hand, especially with their small profile. I attribute this to the nice texture of the grip, which covers the entire grip without pinching, and the friendly ergonomics that fit naturally in the hand.

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The Original Micro Compact Still Delivers

I appreciate the subtle thumb swell they place above the trigger, as the magnet does give me a good grip on the gun. Some of you may remember my excellent review of the first P365 in Guns America Digest over two years ago.

I call it a "paradigm shift" and the first "full-size rifle replacement in a miniature package" I've seen. So good I sent a check to SIG instead of sending the gun back. So why am I so quiet on the P365XL?

Do they still have a Johnsons Country Store there? When I was in NYC about 15 years ago they had quite a lot in stock, I heard too bad the Harley gun center was closed, they barely carried guns, they had SIG XRAI3 night vision which was really cool.

The gun is rated for +P, of course some people prefer the manual safety version. Manual security also makes it legal in MA. I may earn a small percentage of sales from links to any products or services on this site.

Sig P Xl Vs Sig P Ease Of Concealment

You don't have to pay anything extra, and your purchase helps my work to bring you more great weapons and gear. Bull, you're right about "universal modularity" because the P365 series doesn't (yet) have the same level of manufacturer support as the Glocks.

And, the Springfield Hellcat range is another great stealth option. I'm a retired (70+) mechanical engineer who has been an avid shooter since around 1959 and has been critical of many of the guns that have been sold recently.

Honestly, my actual choice for (concealed) carry or home defense is still the old 6 round Colt python (it's almost as old as me, and I know the original owner well). That's how I measure the quality of a good gun, although it's not very fair since the old Pythons were basically hand built.

However, for year-round EDC concealment, the P365 SAS (in warm weather) and P365XL (in cooler weather) have worked very well for me. The beaver tail will help you fight the muzzle lift effortlessly. A longer barrel will give you a larger sight radius, or if you're rocking a red dot, that's fine too.

James Reeves

Either way, you can easily reach out and hit targets more easily with a bigger gun. And in this case, the same size is not exactly equal. On the original 365, I've noticed a trend over the past two years.

Sometimes, because of the seam between the magazine and the gun, when I drop an empty one, it catches my palm. Not a big deal, but it slows down reloading. Sometimes that same seam gives me a little stress when nailing my new home.

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Again, not the end of the world, I'd happily swap 12 rounds in a shootout. But now that I have an XL, I don't want to go back. Did I mention that the XL has a flared magazine, which further speeds up reload times?

A slightly elongated beaver tail built into the frame? Damn it, Sig. Personally, if I had to choose, I'd go with the P365X because it shoots better and I like the Romeo Zero lens. On the other hand, though, I'm missing a decent FDE gun in my safe right now.

Shooting With The Romeo Zero

Given that the original filled that need, and this is still America, I'd probably keep both. I love watching your videos, great comments. I watched your last one on the 365 and various types of holsters.

I was wondering if you could make a video about the XL case? Also, I just bought a new SAS off the Bullseye website and haven't shot it yet. I've been eyeing O/IVB holsters and want to stay in the $40-50 range.

I try to make a decision based on the reviews, but I've noticed that there are always some not positives and some good ones, just a really tough choice. I noticed they made a case for the Romeo 0, if you decide to make a video about the XL case, can you use that case?

All that said, if you're happy with the P365, you don't need to rush out and buy the XL. The standard P365 is a well thought out and well designed concealed carry pistol. The design is solid, but making it a little bigger would be more manageable.

Final Verdict

Clinger Holsters literally sells a ton of P365 holsters. IMO, the P365XL is too big to be comfortable to carry, but I think it's a great choice for home protection - so why not use the P365XL for home protection and buy the more compact P365 for EDC?

When you think your life or your family's life might depend on it, guns are cheap! The P365XL Specter Comp features an XSeries LKSG laser grip module and a Custom Works slide exclusive to this model, with updated serrations giving the gun a unique look, complete with a gold barrel and titanium nitride trigger.

But what really makes the Specter Comp stand out is its integrated compensator. Not only does it reduce muzzle spin by nearly 30%, but it will never loosen or cause performance issues thanks to its unique integrated slide construction.

Additionally, new Romeo Zero Elite optics were installed with optics-ready slides and rear sights to see the elevation sight. The P365XL Specter Comp offers all the benefits of a comp pistol in a reliable, concealed package suitable for everyday carry.

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Sig P Xl Vs Sig P Ergonomics

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NOTE: We prefer SubscribeStar as they are a more gun-friendly platform. Plus you get the feature that sold me on guns, the cutout red dot slider. Red dot optics are a great addition to the carry gun.

The P365 XL will have a milled slider to accommodate the new Romeo Zero optics or the Shield RMSc red dot. The red dot on the gun makes it easier to shoot faster, farther and more accurately.

It takes some training to get it right, but once you learn it, it's hard to go back to just using a flat iron. For those who prefer red dot sights, this feature alone should settle the Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate.

P Xl Vs P Fit And Finish

The SIG magazine style is very efficient and the P365 XL is a great way to utilize the magazine design in a larger firearm. So there is no Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate. You can have both and be prepared for any hidden needs that may arise.

At the time of writing this review, the Sig P365kl is priced around $599.99 to $649.99. One of the things I find admirable about both of these pistols is that they are 100% reliable in all kinds of ammo I throw at them, and I didn't expect much from the Sig.

We fed them a mix of Federal, Winchester and Wolf and they all enjoyed it. Around the same time the KSL was introduced, there were 15 round magazines. And they include a sleeve that also fits any size.

But what about those of us who bought a bunch of 12-round magazines for our raw guns? Yes, they can be converted. After making the video clip for this review, I found a Sig replacement blade that would allow them to be switched over.

Sig P Xl Vs Sig P Features

So for just $4.99, all your old 12's will fit. I bought a copy of the extended version of the magazine, which is responsible for adjusting the grip. I also bought a P365 and then a P365XL grip mod which has turned into my most comfortable CCV and carry accessory, I may need to make a little modification to my perfect extended release mag holster, or I can make my own

Buy one. I got myself a P365 and love it. My son and daughter-in-law came to visit us from Florida and we went to shoot. My son loves my P365 but his hands are a little too big to hold it.

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It was the perfect solution for him. Thank you for your good review. He also likes my Glock 42. I would say that as a new gun owner, my options are pretty good. I'm still waiting on my carry permit, which is 45 days in PA.

And I'm still looking for a Ruger SR22 for fun shooting and cheap ammo...can't find it anywhere! The Lisa P365XL Specter Comp brings exciting new technology to America's #1 selling subcompact pistol, featuring a new Custom Works designed slide with an integrated compensator that reduces muzzle spin and recoil by up to 30% Gun &

Sig P Xl Vs Sig P Shooting Characteristics

Gear gives giveaways with, or in any way supported by YouTube, TFBTV is solely responsible for the giveaways mentioned in this video and this description. Equipment valued over $250 is not required to purchase. Full terms and conditions are at When Sig changed everything with their original P365 in 2019, no one suspected copycats would follow.

While many companies, from Kimber to Taurus, now produce powerful subcompact pistols, the original design of the P365 still holds its own. With a 10+1 capacity, you'll love this gun. 96k96.jpg" vidth="96" data-eio="l"> About the Author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retired from the 3rd Special Forces. He has been a shooter and shooter for decades, as well as a 3-gun player and USPSA production master shooter.

In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of The Last Son, a novel about shooting people who deserve what they deserve. You can also follow him on Twitter @offthe_res or his website Accessories are always an issue when buying a new gun, so how do you rock it?

Range Time Putting Them Through The Paces

If the original P365 had an advantage, it was small. Almost everyone makes an XL version of their case these days. ProMag makes aftermarket drums for the 365 series, and they include inserts to fit any size.

Even SIG does well with magazines. One thing I really liked about the original was the very capable and appreciated night scenes. This makes aiming easier, especially in low light. Many competitors in the P365 series offer standard white point settings.

So if the original came with night vision out of the box, the lack of it seems a bit disappointing. ««« How to use the device in this video »»» • SIG P365 XL Standard: • SIG P365 Standard: • SIG P365 Ks Standard

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