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Smith & Wesson 19 - Even with a six-inch barrel, the gun pulls well and points well. Moving from one goal to another is fast. The 39oz gun runs remarkably well for a .357 Magnum. When everything is a business game, the Model 19 was the first gun to win the game with the perfect combination of weight and performance.

I don't shoot well enough to notice the difference. No matter what I'm shooting, the best I can do is stay within 5 inches of the B-16 bull at 25 yards. The front sight wanders a lot.

Smith & Wesson 19

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that I can do better. I am doing well in my pistol group practice sessions. The races are short and the important thing is to hit the target somewhere. Beating a dead center is worthless if you spend more time finding it.

Smith Wesson Model Origins And Specifications

A reviewer tested the 6" barrel and said there was a significant difference in stopping power at 25 yds compared to the 4" barrel. I appreciate this comment, however, I have always considered my sidearm (gun) to be a close range weapon (maybe 10 yards).

Yes, I will take the first shot at 25 yards, but if the beast continues to charge, I have 5 more to drop in the next few seconds. Whether the .357 Magnum 125gr JHP can be challenged by the 9mm +P as an efficient burner, I don't know.

All I know is that 9mm +P is hard to find at any sporting goods store or gun store. The only place I've been able to find is to buy 10-20 packs online and even then it's hard to know what you're getting or how well it works.

Every group of different ammo loads is less than 2″ @ 25 yards and you are disappointed? What are your expectations from a mass produced 100% stock gun or matte gun? The Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 is an upgraded 9mm 17+1 chambered version of the original M&P9.

Bottom Line Yea Or Nay?

It's a full-size, expandable pistol built with a polymer frame and stainless steel chassis and features a steel barrel and slide, as well as adjustable grips. Ideal for home defense and personal defense, the M&P M2.0 is also available in compact, along with 40 S&W and 45 ACP options.

$800 to $900 for a Model 19 in this condition is actually reasonable for a S&W pistol. S&W models produced in small numbers command more in the used gun market. Be careful. Get Terms and Conditions!!

By registering, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Because a .38 bullet spends twice as long in the barrel as a .357 bullet, the barrel goes up more in deflection before the .38 bullet exits the barrel than with a .357 load.

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The same situation is with the .44 special .44 magnum rifle. The exact difference varies with different barrel lengths, bullet weights, gun weights, etc., but what I've noticed (over the past many years) is that the .38 hits much higher.

I Fired This Gun What We Can Tell You

JWT says: About 1 7/8 in. .357s vs. 9mm + Ps. Give the .357 more room to operate and it has more power than the 9mm. The .357 is more powerful than a lever gun. Without the barrel/cylinder gap, it can have a lower power level of .30-30.

Anyone with a chrono and the right weapons can attest to that. My father was a right-handed shooter and he usually carried his gun on the left side with the arrow pointing forward, so that he could easily "Tlapa" for that reason.

It went well for him. Although it is a classic, the S&W M19 was not the first .357 Magnum revolver. That variation belongs to Smith's Model 27, which debuted in 1935 and is also eligible for vintage standards.

But as good a tool as the S&W M27 was, and still is today, it was a behemoth. It would not be a suitable vehicle for anyone younger than Hulk Hogan. What the Model 19 did was make the .357 Magnum a more practical weapon to carry.

As Keith Wood wrote in Guns & Ammo back in 2019: The only downside to the S&W M19 is that it doesn't have the grip and durability of the Ruger GP-100; . What many M19 users do to compensate for this and prolong the life of their favorite pieces is to feed them .38 special loads such as the +P 158 grain lead half-bore known as "

FBI". Load” while using enough Magnum ammo to maintain skills and acclimate to the heavy hitting situation. He obviously doesn't realize that when the hammer falls, the piston stops completely and stays that way until the noise happens and the bullet is gone.

The large .44 piston takes more force to accelerate to a stop than the 19 model velvet piston. The Model 642 is a small J-frame pistol chambered in 38 Special, with a 5-round capacity and supplied with +P ammunition.

It features an alloy frame, while the barrel and piston are made of stainless steel. Ideal for concealed carry, the Model 642 is lightweight and reliable. Purpose * * Without a professional shooter, there is little you can do at home with this gun.

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With a skilled locksmith, the options are limited only by their time and your money. But if you know what you want, shop around. Over the decades that this rifle has been produced, many different versions have come out of the S&W factory.

Dirty Harry's weapon of choice, the Smith & Wesson Model 29, is an N-frame revolver chambered in .44 Magnum that became more popular thanks to an inventor nearly 20 years after to be presented at the beginning.

It offers a 6-round capacity and several barrel lengths to choose from, as well as a blue or polished nickel finish. When I came home from Vietnam and became a police officer I was encouraged to get a S & W Model 19, but I was young and so "in the know" I bought a Colt Trooper.

Then a few years later I splurged and got a four inch S&W 19 and carried it around until my wife bought me a Model 66 with a six inch barrel, a rough version of the Model

19. (The first time he strapped it to go. to work, he asked me if I didn't think I needed a wheel at the end of the case. Over time, using a .357 Magnum load, heat and pressure

of those wheels. For reloaders, some powders have a more unfortunate history of this damage than others. Solution: Shoot .38 Specials, carry a .357 Magnum for hunting and defense. you're talking about commercial rifles that are very short, like a 2 1/2 revolver, then this statement is true. The .357 Magnum cannot burn all the powder in a short barrel. So you

get some benefits. , but not much. Allowed so far based on FBI shot data, no cartridge one that usually carries an SD or LE duty cartridge will come close to one full power 357 loaded 125 gr JHP data.

three delivered 125 jhp over 1400 fps from a 4 inch Colt Python or S&W. A 4-inch-6-inch barreled revolver was found in the working holes. They had one shooting record of over 90%. Since that time, although 1000 revolvers have eaten them safely in a boring way, when the lawyers began to dictate the strategy and performance of the commercial cartridge, not at the same time

, but it has decreased a bit, and is still happening today. However, they let the 9mm slide a bit more in order to get this cartridge in good condition. Originally known as the .38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Model 10 is a 6-shot, mid-sized revolver that has been in production for over 100 years.

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the first of the company to have a cylinder on the left side of the frame. Boasting a global reputation, the Model 10 comes in many variants and offers a wide range of features. Despite a lot of time and long shooting times, I still can't fire this gun fast enough.

When shooting the leather holster I use for my seven-inch Ruger Bisley Blackhawk, I pulled the maximum and shot one eight-inch round in 1.36 seconds at 15 yards. My best time to draw and shoot six in one circle at 15 yards was 4.17 seconds.

As for the .357 Magnum itself, the Model 19 is, in my opinion, superior to the Model 66, its stainless steel twin. Not only is stainless steel less prone to rust than steel,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or and or and / or and​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

As for the forcing cones, I have never understood why the S&W forcing cones on the K-frames are so weak with magnum loads and the same cones Ruger Security-Sixes. It's not like I haven't seen split cones in Rugers;

they are just very, very few. However, Rugers, about the same weight and size as Smiths, tend to handle hundreds of thousands of magnum weights, while Smiths do not. In S&W revolvers, what you want to ask for in "bucket" is "action."

Kuhnhausen explains it a little in his book. All rotating/bearing surfaces are smooth and flat, and the torsion spring is relieved by cutting the thread or more. You can also buy S&W light springs. This lowers the DA to 9 pounds and the trigger pull becomes much easier.

In any of my S&W revolvers that I shoot regularly, they get combat duty. When I was young, I didn't understand the appeal of a handicap gun when you have small guns. As I grow older, their eyes grow on me every year.

I've only ever owned one gun and I regret giving it up. But it was nowhere near as classy as this thing looked. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield is a semi-automatic pistol that combines the popular features of the M&P9 into a powerful compact design.

Small and light, this gun is ideal for concealed carry. It is built on a polymer frame with a reinforced stainless steel chassis, barrel and slide and features a 3-point grip and sight. The M&P Shield is also available in 40 models

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of S&W and 45 ACP. I liked JW's article. In my naive youth, all I wanted was the semi-final. Especially Glocks. But my first wheel gun many years ago called me out of a gun case at a friend's shop.

It was a 4 inch blue model 19 with the Idaho State Police on the side. It made me realize how well I can actually shoot a gun. Of all the guns I've owned over the years, these are the ones I regret giving up the most.

I have several S&W revolvers now, but no, do I wish I had one. Compare all that to a semi-automatic rifle. They are usually thick and have hard lines. You won't see or hear patterns when you shoot.

If the gun is cocked, you may not feel anything when you pull the trigger except for the occasional noticeable slack and spring tension. (Sometimes hammer guns feel better.) Finally, they are not solid… the slides have something to them and the guns wobble when you swing or shake them.

Currently headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, Smith & Wesson manufactures a wide range of handguns and semi-automatic rifles. Most are available in a variety of sizes and calibers with many options and features. Many models are designed for military and law enforcement use, but they remain popular among civilians.

I will probably always be conflicted about this gun. Mine is a 1980 19-4, blue with a 4 inch barrel. It's the nicest, most refined Ruger Security-Six gun I've owned in a while. What I can't figure out is how the Model 19 is $300 better than the Ruger.


MY 40 + YEARS OLD Used Ballistics Shooter program, I both hit 10" separation at 25 yards. Out to 100 yards only 3.6 separation if the gun is in yards 25. "What does your 8 depend on?

$800-900. WOW! That's a lot of money. I recently purchased a 4" Stainless Ruger Security Six in good condition for $325. I know it was cheap and that the Ruger is not in good condition like the Smith. I have a custom for this gun for my mom and I.

one of the reasons guns fail is when someone puts a fixed feed of .357s in their guns. The flame and gas drive the carbon out of the steel, and the rest becomes brittle. Steel is not

the cleaner has chromium which resists leeching and makes the gun better in my opinion. Does this mean steel guns are not tough and can't handle heavy loads? No. The problem with leeching it happens even in stainless steel, but every kind of steel has to be fired thousands of times. But the ground part of the forcing cone makes it the weakest part, and

this is where the cracks usually start.

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