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Smith & Wesson Mp9 - Removing the finger safety from the shield seems like a relatively simple task. There is a YouTube video showing how to do this. Cosmetically, the gap in the frame caused by removing the safety can be filled with a small square of black plastic and a small dot of glue.

I wouldn't do this to my Shield, but it's easy if you want to. I've had the LC9 for about a year and I like it, but I've run two friends' shields and if I were starting from scratch I think I'd probably go with the Shield.

Smith & Wesson Mp9

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However, there are some things I don't care about here: First, if you want to use it, it's SO much easier to feel the safety if you want to detach it and "ride" on the LC9 with your thumb.

The Bottom Line

The fenders are very smooth and I think can cause problems if you choose to ride while running. I've also had issues with two friends' shields not locking when idle. It could be the forward grip of my thumb messing up the slide release lever, but that wasn't an issue I had with the LC9.

Funny...Skubastev (aka Glock Fan) will tell you to avoid exaggerating S&W, but recommend a pistol from a company that has been exaggerating their pistols since day one. Yes…. How does this "perfection" work on so many gen4 craps?

The adjustable rear sight was released at about 500 rounds, but the only way I can tell is to test it. It wouldn't move by itself, but it could be pushed slightly from side to side.

A quick tightening with the proper tool solved the problem...if it happens again, I'll put some red Loctite in it. The last time I hit it (today) in a humid 95 degree Southeast Texas day, I had no trouble sliding the slide with sweaty hands.

Say Bye-Bye To My Little Friend

BTW - today was a torture test and I sent the logs as fast as I could load them. The little gun was hotter than a two-dollar pistol, but it kept working. at-4.12.32-PM.png" alt="" width="147" height="82" />Get everything you love about the Shield series and increase capacity to 10+1 with a built-in magazine and 13 Pinky expansions. With a mag +1 (the original Shield holds 7+1 and 8+1 bullets respectively), change the grip structure a bit to make it softer for love handles, and raise the trigger to awesome, and you're Shield Plus.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact 4Bbl 9Mm 15Rd The M&P M2.0 Pistol, The  Newest Innovation To The Respected M&P Polymer Pistol Line. Designed For  Personal, Sporting, And Professional Use, The M&PSource:

Now when you shoot the back of the M&P Compact and Shield to show the "differences in the environment" and you have Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba shot side by side from the back, "around" is not me.

I will focus here as well. I found It very helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to contribute & help other users. Well done. / 03/IMG_0552-1-225x300.jpg 225w, 768x1024 .jpg 768w, wp-content/uploads/2021/03/IMG_0552- 1-1152x1536.jpg 1152w, https://w 2021 /03/IMG_0552-1-1536x2048.jpg 1536w, .jpg 150w, https://www.thetruthaboutguns .com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/IMG_0552-1-300x400.jpg 300w, 68x1424.jpg 1068w, IMG_0552-1-scaled.jpg 1920w, 2021/03 /IMG_0552-1-315x420.jpg 315w" dimensions="(max. width: 5125c) 525px" /> The Max 9 has one major drawback: it's a semi-auto pistol and I haven't found one that stacks up well against any of its competitors…….that and a poorly designed trigger safety at the highest level. The 9 is a very uncomfortable shot time.

.... It took a few hundred rounds (and I still have to practice) but since the little guy feels different, my brain quickly learns that low is fire and high is useless. Contrary to what I'm used to, it started salivating on my last December day.

. I can't auto fire. So... I've been looking for a perfect 9mm holster. The Ruger LC9 was at the top of my list. But I've shot my friend's LC9 several times and every time I have the same problem - after the first shot I try to find the reset

can't pull the trigger. It happens every time. Even though I know I should let the trigger roll back and forth, I never do - short trigger years of shooting recovery rifles gave me my first failure with this gun.

Ratings Out Of Five Stars

Therefore, other than personal finances, I do not currently own a Ruger. I just ordered a S&W Shield in 9mm. I've machined and dry fired a few subcompacts (at shops that allow it) and the Shield feels right and I like the feel of the trigger.

I thought this article about the FBI's rationale for switching from heavier calibers to 9mm might be interesting.

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Carrying the gun is incredibly crisp with minimal roll, little movement, and a short, crisp reset that's both audible and tactile. The trigger safety blade (replacing the previous Shield's center pivoting trigger shoe) is nice and wide, and curves just barely flush with the rest of the trigger when depressed.

The entire trigger assembly looks and feels great. Trigger tasks are for competitive weapons or weapons whose primary purpose in life is to pierce inanimate objects (you may need to use them for self-defense in a rage, it doesn't matter).

Shooting The Shield

Either way, the M+P 9 shield doesn't fit into that category, and if you're buying it for that, you're in trouble. It will soon be improved with some APEX parts, but the goal is not to make the trigger too easy.

It's worth noting that the Shield has much better trigger recovery than its bigger siblings. According to Novak, they adapted their normal size M&P sights to the Shield. In the world of firearms, form and function are often at odds.

What works well isn't always pretty. There are many examples that support this theory. The Smith & Wesson M2.0 Metal is not one of them. Customize it * * * 1/2 No rails. Personally, I think the rails belong on a ladder, not a gun.

Okay, I know the rails and cleats are pretty fancy, but it makes no sense to overload this pistol with the studs hanging from it. This is a concealed carry pistol; small, light and collapsible. Leave it that way and keep lights and lasers by the bed for insurance policy.

Specifications Smith Wesson Mp Shield

According to the booklet that came with the gun, the Shield includes lasers, holsters, sights, and a host of accessories for shooters who can't help gilding the Lily. Hollow points also work very well on shields.

Whatever the grain. I just download by reloading and have had no problems. As for lead bullets, they work well. I reload these for target shooting. Hope this helps. I have carried a Walther PP for a while, bought a nine millimeter shield 6 months ago and love my shield regardless of the trigger pull.

Smith & Wesson Mp9 M2.0 Performance Center C.o.r.e. Ported 9Mm Pistol With 5 Inch Ported Barrel ...Source:

Now I occasionally roll a gun, but the shield is now my stealthy back. Did I say I love him? But that's a different market. Some people prefer a thinner carrying case. It's good for them and your double column is good for you.

Obviously, if Kahr, Walther, S&W, Sig Sauer, Kimber, Ruger, Beretta, STI, Bersa, and Taurus have single barrel 9mms, there is a significant market for them. Now we need to find the ammo at (unmeasured) cost. Paying $32 for 50s of 9mm is not good, man!

Gun prices and availability are slowly recovering, but ammo is a completely different story. Congratulations to Smith & Wesson, they won with this amazing safe building design! It's been a long time since I've seen people standing in line to buy any kind of firearm!

At a great price point! Thanks, I'll have to get in line, I don't want to lose my place :) Cons: When firing the sandbag support, a bug in the slide lock on the last shot in the magazine.

I believe the barrel of the gun rested on a fluffy shock holster, which may have prevented the recoil effect as title=””> never going to be a standard option. S&W only gives you goodies below the "plus" or "performance center" line.

These, of course, come at a high price. The S&W system doesn't fare well with other companies offering these beauties in their base models. Patrick F, you are not the only one asking this question. It also appears on the S&W Forum and other blogs and user groups.

So I don't know how and you're right it's not in the manual. My wife and I both have 9mm shields. We love them. There are M&P compacts in 9mm and .45, but we love this gun for concealed carry.

I had no problems with either weapon. A question about pulling the trigger. When I chambered the first round by fully depressing the trigger and pulling the slide, I noticed that the trigger pull was significantly lighter than the trigger pull I felt when I fired the first round without pulling the trigger.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0Source:

Anyone else have this experience and know why? thank you I thought I would like the original Shield when they came out, since I have an M&P 9 compact and a full size. Disappointed after waiting 10 months to receive mine.

It wasn't bad, it just didn't feel as good as the M&P 9 Compact or the CZ 75 PCR. So after about 1 year of ownership I traded it in for something else. I don't see any reason to go for the new one as I am concerned about the capacity.

Convenience, reliability and accuracy. Despite being a light, compact pistol, it didn't try to rotate or slide in my hand at all, not even a hint. Not only is the Shield Plus well-adjusted with its travel time and spring design, but the shape and texture of its grip make it one of the most controllable, best-shooting small carry pistols available.

When I train and practice using my 1st generation shield, the trigger performance in dynamic action is flawless. The trigger does what I need it to when shooting at a target. I don't feel any friction or shifting and I don't mind the sound recovery.

No, this little pistol is a 10/10 before actual combat. Style and Appearance  * * * Ehhh, the Shield line has always seemed pretty plain Jane to me. I can get behind the four inch versions with optics and ported barrels.

They look great. But stealth means stealth, and I don't choose a gun based on its beauty. Does anyone think they will come up with a dangerous version? Considering that, like the full-size M&P I own and love, it has a built-in striker-fire safety that prevents it from firing until the trigger is pulled, which seems redundant to me.

/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/IMG_4523-265x198.jpg 265w" dimensions="(max. width: 696px) 100vpx", />69 I am and always have been a Glock enthusiast. I shot a 9mm shield for a friend at the range and immediately ordered an LGS. Summers are very hot where I live and I carry 26,36,19, etc.

b. Good IWB holster for summer use but too big for cargo shorts and a tank top. It's the best pistol in the summer where I live quantum leap. I love it and shoot it very well. Only my .02. Lift arm and slide lock traditional M&P

positions; any other M&P-owning shooter will know how to use it. Like its big brothers, you don't need to pull the trigger to rob this pistol in the field. These right-handed controls are finger-operated, tactile, and locked to the right. Unfortunately for Southerners, only the magazine

release is reversible.

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