Taurus 617 For Sale

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I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Soft rubber grips and low sights make these revolvers an ideal choice for law enforcement. Add in the yoke and solid steel construction and there's no competition for this tough combination.

Taurus 617 For Sale

Sporting Goods Taurus 617 Revolver Holster With 2 Barrel 7 Shot Holsters,  Belts & PouchesSource: www.gunsamerica.com

Seven amazing shots are available in notifications right now. The 617 revolver offers the advantage of a special round with the Taurus 7-shot cylinder. The soft rubber grip and low profile make these revolvers the preferred performance choice for law enforcement or self-defense professionals.

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Add in yoke compression and solid steel construction, and there's no competition for this heavy-duty combination of customer-requested features. Many online gun sales are actually taking away from your local community. Instead of buying a gun from your local store, most dealers will ship it from a warehouse in another state.

Sold Price: Taurus Model 617 .357 Magnum Caliber Da Revolver - December 6,  0122 12:00 Pm EstSource: image.invaluable.com

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No firearm is more iconic than John Moses Browning's famous Auto-5 semi-automatic rifle, known as the "Hunchback" because of the prominent dip on the rear of the receiver. This is what it looks like to shoot this classic rifle.

Every cowboy needs a revolver. When I dress western, nothing compares to the good looks of my Smith & Wesson (S&W) 586 .357 revolver. This isn't John Wayne's bullet - it's a modern piece of art!

Taurus 617 2” Vs Taurus 856 2” Size Comparison | Handgun HeroSource: cdn.handgunhero.com

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One of the most attractive things about the Heritage Rough Rider series is the ability to use .22 LR or .22 Mag with just a change of cylinder. We decided to upgrade to the .22 Mag and take one of these little revolvers for a drive.

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Taurus Model 617 357 Magnum 7-Shot Double-Action Revolver | Hmdefenses +  Firearms For Sale And Guns For SaleSource: hmdefenses.com

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