Trump's Rally In Phoenix

Trump's Rally In Phoenix - Six years into Trump's age, the American people cannot claim Trump's ignorance and his movement as protection. They have been warned many times. These are the results. On Twitter, former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt offered these observations after Trump's rally in Phoenix: And one of his staunchest defenders in Congress is Rep.

Paul Gosser, who was criticized by his colleagues for posting a disturbing video online that showed him killing a Democratic congresswoman. The party and the president attacked Biden. "We can't let them get away with it," Mr Trump said.

Trump's Rally In Phoenix

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He then added, referring to Ms Leak and the 2020 results rejection: "I think that's one of the reasons she's doing so well. The event was officially titled "Rally in Defense of Our Elections". But of course, the 2020 presidential election just needs "protection" from Trump and his allies — protection against voter pressure, widespread lies and deception, attempted coups, and other efforts to subvert democracy and subvert the will of the people.

Pm Protester Speaks Out Against Trump Voting Restrictions

. Boehler is not stopping the audit, as Trump has alleged. The state fair effort is in its fourth month, and an initial count of nearly 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County has been completed by the Senate's contractor, Cyber ​​Ninjas.

How did the public react to Trump's rally in Phoenix? The same public voices that have been raising the red flag continue. In the most important ways, the events of January 6 were only a pattern or a harbinger of worse political violence in the months and years to come.

The event takes place at the Arizona Federal Theater in downtown Phoenix and is scheduled to run from 9 am to 5 pm. The rally is being hosted by Turning Point Action, whose founder is a key Trump ally.

"We gathered here in Phoenix to show our support for election integrity and the brave and steadfast conservative fighters in the Arizona State Senate — thank you," Trump said. "They created a movement across the country."

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Voting rolls are constantly updated as people move, die, have their right to vote denied due to criminal convictions or disqualification. Trump echoed a claim made by Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber ​​Ninjas, the nonprofit firm leading the Senate Republican audit of the 2020 election.

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During his speech in Phoenix, Trump played his familiar roles: bully, bully, a boss, a preacher, a public menace, a demagogue-in-waiting, and a former president who hopes to somehow return to power. be done As General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly warned in the weeks after Trump's defeat last November, Trump has channeled the energy and grandiose lies that brought Adolf Hitler to power in Germany.

. The Highway Fund receives revenue from 'user charges' for road construction from petrol tax, motor fuel tax, petrol inspection tax, motor vehicle registration tax and motor vehicle ownership charges. At least 25 percent of these "user fees" go to the general fund, the Office of Education and loans for road construction.

For nearly two hours, Trump revisited the root causes of his dissatisfaction, addressing allegations of fraud that have systematically dismissed or dismissed election officials and judges. It was an apparent attempt by Trump to join the widely discredited Arizona audit as he seeks to pressure other states to undertake similar efforts.

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In Trump, they had found someone whose unquenchable thirst for battle encouraged them to speak up for themselves, not only in politics, but also in relationships and work. His rallies turned arenas into modern-day tent revivals, where preachers and parishioners engaged in adrenaline-fueled, chanting and clapping-fueled mental cleansing with 15,000 other like-minded faithful.

Arizona has been central to Trump's efforts to challenge his loss to President Joe Biden in the 2020 election and will be critical to his hopes of winning back the presidency if he runs in 2024.

Saw a lot of Republicans running in primaries for governor, attorney general, Senate," said Chuck Coughlin, a Republican consultant who has worked on statewide races in Arizona for two decades. "Usually you get two, maybe three.

.but not five. A small group of protestors formed a scene in front of the line. The argument has now turned into one man "pull the gun" when someone brought up AZ's open carry law - a truly disturbing sentiment in America.

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 Pm Trump Wraps Up Remarks

today amid an angry crowd in @azcentral Arizona is at the center of election fraud in 2020. Allies of the former president have called for an audit in the state's largest county, insisting have said the official results were compromised by fraud. But when the results of the assessment were released - in a report prepared by the commission and Trump's supporters - it appeared that he actually received 261 fewer votes than first thought.

Trump: "Unbelievably, auditors have testified that the primary database for the election management system, I'm sorry to tell you, has been purged ... that means The primary database for all election related data for MARCOPA 2020.

Illegally terminated. It's over." "We like both of their policies," Mardi Keliman said. "We desperately need to secure our borders. What are we supposed to do with all these people? Stop the border wall. Censorship, "big technology" and drug issues are some of the topics Kelleyman has said he cares most about, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, and other senior party officials in recent days about Mr. Trump's last election nomination.

have expressed their concerns, saying it risks alienating the voters they need to win the next election in November. In an effort to defeat Mr. Trump, Mr. Bernovich did not join his colleagues in declaring that the "rule of law" should dominate politics, but as a Senate candidate.

has investigated allegations of fraud at the behest of its supporters. There are also appropriations for the Rump Highway Fund, such as gross receipts-other taxes and beer taxes, which would otherwise be M is considered fund revenue because most of that revenue is allocated to the general fund.

However, the 25 percent to 29 percent increase in the highway fund is net in general fund dollars. But as popular as the former president is among the G.O.P.'s core, his involvement in races from Arizona to Pennsylvania — and his failure to overcome his losses to Mr. Biden — have vexed Republicans in Washington and beyond.

They worry that Mr. Trump is jeopardizing their chances in what should be a very favorable political environment, with Democrats deeply divided over their policy agenda and Americans generally unsettled by Mr. N. Biden's one-year presidency.

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They are taking a pessimistic view. [...] that it is a "user fee". However, not all user fees go to transportation, with some diverted to the general fund, education and debt, a situation that was not improved by the act, […] Gilbert resident Keith Edmonson, 60, of Arizona

The federal was walking around. The theater with a GoPro wore a T-shirt that read "My Black Lives Matter and Voting Matters" and "You Can't Undo the Killing of Unarmed Black People" as Trump addressed the crowd at the venue.

"I love Donald Trump," said Glendale resident Ashley Chalupkin. "Maybe I'm stupid, but I think of this as family." I think he holds a lot of my values ​​and my family's values. Christianity, supporting the Jews, just put America first.

Carmen Stacey, a Scottsdale resident of six years, stood in line a few blocks from the restaurant's entrance at night. He said he came to the rally "to support the guy who called out all the fake news, the fake hypocrisy of everything."

I called and emailed each of these committee members several times before the meeting. You can find out what the gas tax is for when they ask you where you live. After I told them, I also said that I am not their constituency, but what they are doing is not just their constituency but all of Tennessee.

I'm one of those yellow shirts and I'll be back. "I want people to see the American experience," he said. "We may all have our dislikes, we may have our grievances, but this is America - the right to come and demonstrate, the right to support your candidate, no matter how badly he fails,

But that's your right. In mid-May, bias investigators hired by Arizona state lawmakers rebutted their claims that the state's most populous county had destroyed 2020 election databases, citing evidence Confronted that the data was still there, they admitted that everything was there. Cell phone footage from people close to Babbitt showed him climbing through an opening in a glass window to a door that was locked and barricaded.

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With many rioters behind him, Babbitt continued even as police directed the crowd to stop. For Republicans concerned about the impact on Mr. Trump's candidates who appear unelectable, the basic math of such a packed primary is difficult to stomach.

The winner can only get a third of the popular vote - this is likely to be a far-right candidate who is unpopular with the wider electorate. Mr. Trump's support will most likely win the nomination.

Kerry Lake, Mr. Trump's favorite candidate for governor, is the first candidate to threaten to shut down the state's top election official. His chosen candidate to replace him, a Democrat, is a state lawmaker named Mark Fincham, who was with a group of protesters outside the Capitol on January 6 as rioters tried to block the 2020 election's ratification

did Thousands of sect members. The Trumps waited outside for hours in the summer heat of Phoenix on Saturday before they were allowed into the Turning Point USA event where their personal God and Savior appeared for his 2021 revenge tour.

as part of It was a political rally, a gospel revival, a rock concert, a carnival and a family reunion all rolled into one. Maricopa County officials said their analysis of the data showed that 7,916 voters were removed from the rolls because they moved out of the county or died between Nov. 3, which was Election Day, and Jan. 2.

An additional 5,404 people were removed for other reasons, including criminal convictions, disqualification or requests to cancel their voter registration.

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