Uss Maryland Pearl Harbor

Uss Maryland Pearl Harbor - Of the remarks on the conduct of the personnel which have been reported to me during the day, I find very favorable those of Lieutenant-Colonel W. I. Benson, Oklahoma Engineer Officer. His strenuous efforts in the task of rescuing his friends trapped in Oklahoma deserve recognition.

Nicknamed "Old Mary," USS Maryland had been a Colorado-class battleship since 1920. She was the flagship of its fleet for several years before the honor passed in 1923 to USS Pennsylvania, another battleship at Pearl Harbor.

Uss Maryland Pearl Harbor

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during the attacks. Short, a 22-year-old machine gunner, truly embodies the spirit of the men behind the Navy's guns. Although he was not called to the point where the gun was attached, when he saw that our country was under attack, he immediately grabbed the machine gun, opened fire on two gunners who approached him and shot down the first.

Uss Nevada

the second was injured. GEISER, Andrew Joseph, S.F.1c., USN, who was among the first to reach his headquarters at Central Station, flooded the fuel tank section of the flight and probably avoided a fatal explosion due to the fact that a bomb was dropped by the enemy

directly to the meteor above. fuel tank. The rest of the day I stayed on the signal bridge. A lot of sporadic gunfire was heard and several groups of Japanese planes were seen firing at them.

The planes observed were single-wing, single-engine models of moderate speed, probably no more than 200 mph, at most. I saw one of them prove that it had been hit in the air. It was more than just Hickam Field.

he broke down, ran and looked like he was in trouble, but I didn't see him crash. SHORT, Leslie Vernon, Sea.1c., USN, machine gunner, writing a letter near one of the MG guns. Group A, after observing the bombardment of Ford Island, loaded the machine guns and effectively opened fire on the first two torpedo planes, before establishing battle bases.

Uss Oklahoma

After several missions in the Pacific, Nevada was sent to Europe. On June 6, 1944, she served as the flagship of the D-Day invasion. The USS Nevada was the only ship at both Pearl Harbor and Normandy.

Maryland took two straight bombs. These meats were useless in Maryland. One of the bombs, an 800 kg bomb, fell on the castle below the waterway. Another similar bomb hit the castle, but caused no damage.

In addition to the above, the assistance provided by Captain W.R. Carter, the US Navy and Commander W.F. Fitzgerald, Jr., US Navy, Chief of Staff and Operations Officer, respectively, on the Staff of Commanding Battleships, receiving A.A.

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Battery (5"/25) in action was immediately effective. After the fires in West Virginia were brought under control, YG-17 and Tern were ordered to turn their efforts to the fires burning in Arizona. This was done during the previous entry

Uss West Virginia

December 8. On the same day the Navajos reported to the Commander of the Battleships the orders. After it was decided that California did not need her services, she was also ordered to assist in fighting the fires in Arizona. Her cool, intelligent, and efficient actions were also considered worthy of praise.

of ANDERSON, Charles Green, Cox., US Navy, 321-30-28 and HEITZMAN, Raymond Arthur, G.M.3c., US Navy, 321-30-37, in coordinating the organization. the speed of their crews and the operation of gun 5"/25 Cal. after this. All anti-aircraft batteries were deployed immediately at the start of the attack.

A machine-gun battery immediately opened fire with torpedo planes, and it is believed that the first two planes to approach the ship and the Oklahoma received devastating fire. All A.A. The batteries were used in the bombardment and bombardment that followed the torpedo attack.

An estimate of the amount of ammunition expended is as follows: No structural damage was caused by the flooding, but due to the aforementioned destruction and intentional flooding of the old Model 24 magazines, paint chips and fuel residues, there was approximately 1000 tons of water in the front

Uss Tennessee

of the ship and in most warehouses. There was flooding, which also damaged other electrical circuits. When I boarded the Maryland I immediately headed for the bridge. While I was on the bridge, a man from Oklahoma contacted me and said he needed help in Oklahoma and that there was an urgent need for equipment.

At that time, Lt. Mandelkorn went to Oklahoma to help with the rescue work. Immediately afterwards I informed the admiral that I believed I could assist in the rescue work in Oklahoma, and he instructed me to do everything in my power to free all those trapped.

Before arriving in Maryland I received a copy of the Oklahoma pamphlet on plans to use in the Oklahoma trenches About 2100 Lt. Mandelkorn and I were in a Vireo when all the batteries in the harbor opened fire on the incoming planes.

Shortly after the gunfire subsided, a man was rescued from the water hovering over Vireo's corner. The man was put on a stretcher and taken to California. Conversations with the crew of the Vireo revealed that it was aboard the Enterprise.

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Uss Maryland

The Maryland was about to start, but she was too busy helping the men who had jumped from Oklahoma. This was a lucky choice for Maryland, since when Nevada came in, enemy planes flew in. Several cruisers, lighters, and small craft were directed by Commander Battleships to proceed to West Virginia and Arizona to assist in extinguishing the fires.

In addition, rescue teams have been sent to Oklahoma, which is now over 150 degrees, to cut holes in the bottom and rescue the men trapped inside. Although the conduct of all hands on this ship during the air raid on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, could be described as honorable, outstanding was the action of Leslie Vernon Short, Seaman First Class, U.S.N., Service No.

242- 29-54, registered September 25, 1940, in Garden City, Kansas, with current home address in Noel, Missouri. It was found that the attention of the men at the stations below decks was diverted from being given some sort of work and being informed by voice or otherwise of the progress of events seen at the stations above.

All anti-aircraft batteries were deployed immediately at the start of the attack. A machine-gun battery immediately opened fire with torpedo planes, and it is believed that the first two planes to approach the ship and the Oklahoma received devastating fire.

Uss Pennsylvania

All A.A. The batteries were used in the bombardment and bombardment that followed the torpedo attack. The estimate of the amount of ammunition expended is as follows: We decided to proceed to Pearl Harbor and go to our ship.

As we went along we watched the firing continue and at one point we saw a large explosion at or near Pearl Harbor which we thought was an oil tank explosion but later came to believe it was the Arizona explosion.

Ensign William J. MANNING, USN, for his prompt action in breaking the locked 1.1 ammunition magazines and starting an ammunition supply train of men without gun stations A.A. resulted in the effective use of 1.1 weapons within a short period of time after receiving the attack.

The USS Maryland doesn't get the same attention as the battleships at Pearl Harbor. Maybe because he did less damage or because he only lost 4 men. The least damaged of all the battleships in the attack on Pearl Harbor was the USS Maryland.

Uss California

Placing the two torpedo air compressors outside the board due to the leaky front section where they are indicates the need to put at least one air compressor in the after area. No. 1 and No.

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2 Torpedo Air Compressor The insulation of the electric motor and starter cable is damaged. Corroded newspapers and rusted walls. HORSEPOWER. air gauges not working. The engines and wings are in the Navy Yard. The mechanical end is fixed in place.

The gauges are at the Navy Yard At this time oil from Arizona burning on the surface of the harbor was splashed into Tennessee, West Virginia and Maryland. Light Junk Yard YG-17 held a position in the port district of West Virginia and rendered valuable service in firefighting.

She held her ground despite repeated shots from West Virginia's ready boxes. Several boats were assisted by cutting close to the flames using CO2 extinguishers. At 1142 USS Tern was ordered to assist. A group of Oklahoma men, stationed near turret number three on the starboard side, called for orders.

I ordered them down the hatch leading to the Officers' Quarters, forward on the starboard side, which was still open, and then down the guard deck. When I got back to the Flag Bridge I realized I couldn't do anything special on the Flag Radio to stay on the bridge to pick up Lt.

Comdr. Position Horn as best I can until he returns to the ship. When the Commander of the Pacific Fleet was found to be unclassified the bridge moved us graphics to Phoenix, Raleigh and Detroit which were underway.

Later the order to settle all ships and destroyers was canceled and we increased the ships and destroyers to be settled and indicated the original Commander of the Pacific Fleet, general deck damage, equipment, side equipment above including anchor chains and bulkheads, pipes

and electrical circuits between frames 9 and 20 on the upper and upper decks. A-404-T fuselage badly punctured and W.T. doors and hatches are void. A-407-T and A-507-T trunk hatches were also broken. broken trunk ladders;

Bulkhead 9 crashed on top of the deck. USS Nevada was behind Arizona on December 7, 1941 and was the only battle of the morning. Although he had to escape off Hospital Point to avoid blocking the canal, the attempt to escape lifted the spirits of the service members that day.

Early on the morning of December 7, 1941, I proceeded with Lieut. Comdr. (MC) A.C. Hon heads to Fort Shafter. We saw the sky above Pearl Harbor fill with explosions and heard heavy gunfire. I cannot speak highly enough of the behavior of the men throughout the action, there was no panic.

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As I walked from the rifle and ammunition to the firing ceremony, I observed that, although there might be some surprise and fear, every man was ready and anxious to do his work and speak, and after only two encouragements, he turned to his work.

. enthusiasm and efficiency. Maryland brought heavy AA fire from all AA batteries on every opening occasion. The 1.1 hills near the Signal Bridge worked well. However, it is believed that these two guns and .50 cal.

Machine guns tend to shoot at much longer ranges. This is because, no doubt, he was willing to fight the enemy, but he must be careful in the future. Those lucky enough to escape the capsized Oklahoma swam to Maryland.

Oil slicks from the USS Arizona and USS West Virginia were burning on the surface of the water. but many men boarded the USS Maryland. Some even joined the crew of the Maryland to shoot down Japanese planes.

In response, Japanese aircraft began placing 7.7 mm machine guns on Old Mary's deck. As the fire raged in and around West Virginia, YG-17 quickly and without command placed her bow on the fire and poured water on it for hours.

Tern and Widgeon were ordered by Commander Battleships to assist. Their skillful work eventually brought the fire under control. At one point in this firefighting incident, a motorboat from Honolulu provided CO2 suppression to a fire in West Virginia as it returned to the edge of the fire.

Each time this was done the sides of the boat burst into flames, which had to be extinguished before the next run, the heat being so intense that the men on board had to stoop to the exposed side to save themselves.

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